Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Life resumes post-vaca, first day of school

After we returned from vacation life began again. We tried to soak up the last of summer by having s'mores and enjoying the flowers out back.

Our first day of school was August 19th that years. Wow I was on the ball. 

But really I think I had to start that early because Evie's co-op class with Faith began early. 

Evie wasn't the happiest. 

Off we go bright and early to C4 and Noah's biology lab at First Assembly church taught by Faith and Mr. Harris. 

Noah began his cross country season. Here he is just finishing his first meet at Douglas. 

The boys begged to play on the new play area at Canyon Lake. 

I believe this meet was in Spearfish. 

Youth group began the day after Terry's birthday, September 4th. 

All the students.

Sick day maybe? 

Two and a half years later that glue is still there and the window is still foggy. 

Sometimes Terry goes crazy on Luna. 

I hate Battlebots but all the boys think it's awesome. 

We bought our neighbor Joe's hailed out car as a daily driver for Terry and an upcoming car for Noah when he soon passes his driver's test. 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

dahlias 2019

I still have hundreds of 2019's dahlias on my large part because I had almost none in 2020 thanks to overcrowding them. Derp. Here are just some of them. 

Trying hard to capture the natural sparkle in the sun. 

I'm gonna try to plant 2021's dahlias early inside and try to get earlier blooms. 

Dinnerplates are my favorite!!

Stupid grasshoppers. If you know how to kill them, please share. Last year I started cutting them in half with scissors. 🙊😆

Luna was SO BIG!

I love this one.

This moth hummingbird-like creature visited from petunias several times. It was so cool! 

On September 11th it rained and the dahlias were stunning. I remember because it was the day Luna went into labor!

This photo is my phone wallpaper!