Thursday, March 25, 2021

dahlias 2019

I still have hundreds of 2019's dahlias on my large part because I had almost none in 2020 thanks to overcrowding them. Derp. Here are just some of them. 

Trying hard to capture the natural sparkle in the sun. 

I'm gonna try to plant 2021's dahlias early inside and try to get earlier blooms. 

Dinnerplates are my favorite!!

Stupid grasshoppers. If you know how to kill them, please share. Last year I started cutting them in half with scissors. 🙊😆

Luna was SO BIG!

I love this one.

This moth hummingbird-like creature visited from petunias several times. It was so cool! 

On September 11th it rained and the dahlias were stunning. I remember because it was the day Luna went into labor!

This photo is my phone wallpaper!


Labor day hike and Terry's 41st bday

On Labor Day, September 2nd, we did a potentially foolish thing and took a very pregnant Luna on a hot and strenuous hike up Boulder Hill. Thankfully she was okay but she had me worried.

She definitely looks more excited at the beginning than at the end...

Off we go. I'd never done the hike before and followed either some directions from a friend or from the hiking app...or both. We started from Sheridan Lake Road and then a long gravel road. Once we finished we realized there had been a much shorter way and took it to get home.

And done, at the top already. It was hot, hot, hot. 

Red faces eating lunch.

I propped up my phone with rocks to get this shot. 


Luna was oh so big! And look at her lion tail! All that fluff came out after she was done nursing her pups. 

We were quite worried about pregnant, hot Luna and didn't think we should walk her all the way back down to our van. Terry gallantly ran down this road, which we had discovered led to our van at the bottom of the hill. I think he'd already run that day too...but it was only about a mile or so and all downhill. He was back in no time. 

Thumbs out to hitch a ride.

Luna laid herself out flat on the floor of the van and panted. I was so worried about her!

When we got home she just continued to lay flat... She ended up being just fine, but lesson learned not to take your heavily pregnant dog out for a strenuous hike in the heat. 

The following day was Terry's 41st birthday so we celebrated at home. Like Evie's addition? The unicorn? 😆

I got him a blue jacket to replace his "homeless" red one that we got at a Goodwill when it was raining on vacation in Sioux Falls. But then he exchanged it for a gray jacket and still prefers the red one. Ha! He also got that running hat and socks. 

ranch cows and 4-wheeling

On Saturday, August 31, the day after Noah's first cross country meet, we made a quick trip out to the ranch to help vaccinate the cows. 

I'd forgotten that Steven and Prae came along! 

Swing away little monkey.

Getting ready to go on a four-wheeler ride.

The day turned out so beautiful after a cool morning. 

Our favorite spot in the back corner of the land. 

We went on an extra long ride and stopped to pick some wild flowers.