Friday, October 12, 2018

swim wrestling

The day after Noah's Custer Cross Country Invite, on Friday September 14th, we went to our first homeschool swim day at the Swim Center. We went a couple times last year and the kids were really ready to go again. 

Look at those sharks circling daddy.

I see two little goggled sharks peering over the edge at me!

Terry is starting to use Tim Hawkins comedy line where he says when he wrestles his boys, he actually has to try. Noah is getting strong!

Evie doesn't take it easy on him either. 

I like how Terry's pressing Ezra's goggles down on his face. 😂

There's a cute little grin from behind his goggles. 

And one from little Samuel too. 

Wresting in real time. 

Talitha, one of Terry's students to go Utah was there for swim practice. 

More wresting on the floating fish. 

I love this. 

More live time wrestling. 

Custer - a cave & a XC meet

One week after my last Cross Country post detailing Noah's first three meets, he had his fourth Invite in Custer on Thursday, September 13th. Terry took the afternoon off so we could all go together. But also he wanted to check out a piece of land that was for sale just for fun. The place was called Tin Mountain and it was just outside Custer.

We weren't seriously interested in the land, but it actually turned out to be really fun to visit. Basically, there are a lot of rare minerals in this cave that have been mined out decades ago. I don't believe it's been mined recently but lots of students have been out there, including our friend Matt. We parked and walked up this hill to the cave.

Boom, the cave!

The ground and rock was glittering literally everywhere you looked. 

There was mica absolutely everywhere, but also there was something resembling gold just inside the cave entrance, though of course it wasn't the real thing. So beautiful though. 

The cave was more of a cavern really. It was super big and open and at the bottom was a big ol' puddle.

Not sure if the water was a result of rain or snow melt, but it sounds like it's been there for a long time. 

To the right of the water was a steep pile of loose rocks leading to another exit. 

The ceiling was seriously so high. 

I climbed up after the kids and took this picture. It was definitely hard to capture the place.

Climbing back down. 

Samuel showing me some shiny mica. 

Terry wandered around and climbed up the left side of the cave entrance and the kids went down to the water again. Look at how small they look from the top!

Terry climbed way up there. 

I thought it looked so cool with the crescent moon above him. 

More shiny rocks mom. Talk about a rock lovers paradise. 


There was a small pond near the entrance to the land but it was pretty shallow and flowed over the gravel road. 

A short video from inside the cave. 

From there we drove to Rocky Knolls Golf Course... 

...and waited for Noah's turn to race.

We walked down to the starting line and I liked the kids in the grass. 

Lots and lots of racers!

There's Noah!

I ran off and found him coming back from the killer hills that they had raced up. 

They came nearly all the way down the course before taking a loop right back past Terry and the kids leading back up the hill again. I love Evie's cheering.

Going by me once more after passing the others.

Finish strong Noah! He's so lanky right?!

Visiting afterwards. Good job Noah!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

early September - the Square, garage saling, ice cream

On Sunday September 7th, our church hosted a free family night at Main Street Square like we have just about every year since we've been back, I believe. I found posts from 2013 and 2014 anyway. The church brings in bouncy castles, hot dogs, face painting, bracelet making, and prayer, in addition to the main event, a family movie. There's always a gospel presentation right before the movie, which Terry has given the last couple of years. But this time he had two of his Utah mission trip students, Moses and Tori, stand up to present this year. They did wonderful! Terry was so proud, as were their parents of course!

Evie went along with Terry early to help set up she ended up helping hand out food along with her favorite little buddy Norah. 

I brought the boys to hear the presentation with me because I couldn't miss that. I finally found where these angel wings next to the ice cream shop next to Who's. 

The following day, Saturday the 8th, we drove over a few block to the Pierre Street garage sale. We've gone nearly every year since coming back in 2012. In fact, Terry and his dad even bought our trusty rusty Malibu right there before we got married in 2004. We found another sweet car, this time for Evie, there this year. Just kidding. This electric kid's car was ridiculous!

But we did find Evie a new desk chair for her room! Terry will never let me live it down either. Right before we found the chair I complained that he was leading us to a "walk by" sale since there wasn't much sitting out at this particular place. He insisted we try and then we found the chair right away! Sorry honey, you were right. 😏

Later that night I heard some scratching behind me and when I went to investigate I found Trouncer had made a little nest for himself in the shoe bin. 😂

The following day I vacuumed and washed Evie's new chair. 

From the side. 

And behind. It was many years old but it in good shape for the most part.  

After church the next day Evie couldn't wait anymore and we put the chair back in her room. 

This replaced her original chair we gave her for her 8th birthday two years ago. The papasan chair was the best we could find but I always hoped for something more substantial, not to mention comfortable. She always had to sit on a pillow since the bar dug into her legs. She spends quite a lot of time reading right there.

It works so great for her. It's the exact height to swivel under her desk, plus she can prop her feet there easily. She cuddles in it perfectly.

Later that afternoon Jerry and Alice came by. I thought it was cute how Jerry was helping Ezra to play this Wii game. 

A very chill day. 

That evening just when we were starting to watch America's Funniest Videos some Mormon missionaries happened to stop by our house! Terry was so excited! He sat outside with them for an hour and would've stayed longer but he had promised to take us out to ice cream. He had a very cordial meeting with them and made plans to meet them in a week. When they cancelled his plans, he was super bummed out. He figured they'd heard through the Mormon grape vine not to waste their time talking to Terry. So when he ran into them on the same day that they cancelled, he was elated! You can't run from God's appointments! He ended up talking to them for nearly two hours before they got tired of him. He's pretty sure he's been black listed now. 

Earlier in the day he had accidentally dumped the littles out of the big swing and roughed them up pretty good. Ezra dropped right on his face and his nose got a little scratched up. This was our last visit to Armadillos of the season. 💙

Luna was cracking me up a few days later with how bored she looked like we were doing school. Poor girl. 

Sarah and Prae have organized a Youth Band for this year and it's going great! They first performed this night, September 12th, and will continue to once or twice a month. 

Friday September 13th began with a visit to the littles' favorite park, the "long three in one park" that's downtown. 


Evie made a friend down there. Typical Evie. From there we went to Custer to see some land and watch Noah at his Cross Country meet. 

Oh, also, I forgot about a few videos. Can't remember exactly when they're from, but it was later summer, early school year.

Evie was so proud when she finally learned how to flip on the trampoline. 

Her friend Elle, who has taken gymnastics, gave her the tip to tuck her knees in. It only took a day for her to master the flip after that.