Wednesday, December 5, 2018

David and Jazmin!!

On November 3, 2018 two of our beloved youth leaders David and Jazmin were married. 💙

We've known David since 2004/2005 when we helped with the First E-Free youth group. David was a little middle schooler at the time. I have a very distinct 2005 memory of him and a couple other boys playing the board game Axis and Allies at our ranch house about a month after Noah was born. I went to bed with baby Noah at 9pm and when he awoke at midnight, the boys were still up playing! I think I went out to the living room and questioned when they'd be done. 

We've known Jazmin since 2012 when we returned to Parkview. Her parents were a part of the search committee that interviewed Terry and brought us back. And ever since she's been intensely involved in everything youth group related. I've gone on so many trips with her, sat with her on so many bus and van rides, hosted bible studies at our house with her, lead her small group, discipled her, and learned how to mountain bike with her. I love that girl! 

Like I said at the rehearsal dinner, I had wondered for a long time where their friendship was going. Ever since the 2015 Mexico/L.A. mission trip, I began wondering if there could be something there.

Both couples would say they weren't looking to get involved with each other during that trip, but I just wondered. I guess I thought it would be a good match.

I began hypothesizing about David and Jazmin the fall of 2015, especially at that year's fall retreat. I point to this photo when David quickly joined Jazmin in taping down the cords, as the point in time that I seriously began considering them as a couple (below). They were both such servants, willing to jump in to fill any need, and it struck me that as they had been serving for years, they would do very well to do it together. I thought they would be good together but Jazmin was only a junior in high school. David would say he wasn't thinking of pursuing her at the time so that wasn't even on his radar. As this photo indicates, they both have a heart of service and therefore have been two of our most faithful youth leaders. Jazmin has done every single event that Terry has ever put on. David has been there for just about as many. They were becoming better friends. I would talk Terry's ear off about them in the evenings. 

The 2015 fall retreat was the year Ernesto came. I have a very strong memory concerning David and Jazmin from the car ride coming back from Camp Judson after retreat was all over. Ernesto pointedly asked Steven and David, "So why aren't the two of you married yet?" (since they were in their 20s, quality guys, and had no girlfriends). Steven replied that that was the question of the century. David said that he just knew one day the Lord would put a little girl on his doorstep. I was inwardly frustrated, literally questioning David in my head, "What are you talking about?! She's sitting in this car with you right now!" But he wasn't thinking of her yet. She was still a shadowy figure the future.

A couple months later a lot of mountain biking between David and Jazmin (and others) seemed to spring up. In fact it was that winter/spring that I got started shortly after this Snowy Mick Ride that a group of them tackled. Of course David and Jazmin were there along with a big group of others.

Around that same time was The Force Awakens midnight we went to with a group of youth leaders including newly dating Steve and Prae and David and Jazmin. At the beginning of summer 2016 Terry, Jazmin, Emma, and I ran that half marathon together, my first and only but Jazmin ran another two with Terry. 

The following summer of 2016 was Lead the Cause with all of us together. 

The following fall of 2016 was another half marathon for Terry and Jazmin, where David drove the two of them all the way up to Crazy Horse, 45 minutes one way before church and before the crack of dawn, just because Terry asked him. He was nice like that.

Later in November 2016 was another Fall Retreat and then more mountain biking. I should caution here that this is my perspective of David and Jazmin. They have a very different view on things since it happened to them! Also Denise probably had an even closer view of things, illustrated by this photo. Not long after we took this picture my bike broke and once we all walked out they continued their ride on Skyline Drive and sent me a picture.

Summer of 2017 is my final memory before they actually started dating. I think this was my first ride at Howling Beagle and I remember him being up there on his motorcycle too. It was later that summer around a fire pit that Terry asked David if he was interested in anyone. He gave Terry one guess (this was our chance) and Terry said Jazmin. "Yep. Jazmin Brue." 💙 She was finally on his radar.

Later that fall she went to South Africa and for some "strange reason" distance made the heart grow fonder and they grew closer very quickly. It was at this point that I didn't see as much of them because they were spending their time together alone without a group of onlooking mountain bikers, etc.

They were very cuddly at last year's Box Maze. Love this picture.

Fast forward to their engagement, July 1st, 2018.

On October 6th Zoe threw Jazmin a bridal shower. 

Jada, Jenni, Jazmin, and Zoe.

Fast forward another month and the big day was finally upon us! Reminiscent of Prae and Steven's wedding, Terry was working on something special for them.

I was seriously so incredibly excited. I love them both so much and they're just so dear to us. It felt like such a privilege to watch their relationship grow before our eyes and to have been involved.

On Friday, November 2nd the rehearsal finally came. 

Steven, Zach, and Matt cheesing it up.

"What now?"

Steven was just cracking me up.

Jon escorting Jazmin.

Terry read a portion of scripture from Colossians.

More practice of where they would go for the song portion of the wedding.

I'm glad I took a couple pictures of them that night because I didn't get all that many good ones the following day

All ready to go!

SO ready to go.

Terry and I attended the rehearsal dinner at the Ramkota where Terry read his poem. He didn't have a song for them like Steven and Prae's wedding, but the poem was full personal insights, sweetness, and jokes. Jazmin used to be obsessed with the movie Inception so he bought her a spinning token like in the movie and spun it at the end of his speech. I also gave a speech but thankfully that wasn't recorded. I felt like a dingo but people said I did okay.

The following morning Frannie and I arrived at the church early to help Faith string together baby's breath for the decorations. It was tedious work but turned out great.


Everything was ready to go.

We also hung more baby's breath on the stage railings. 

Theirs was the first Parkview wedding to combine with a reception within the sanctuary. It worked great! Talk about saving time and money too!

Cute little centerpieces.

I loved all the bike tire decorations. Perfect. Pretty cake too.


I was the church so late that I got a sneak peek of the bride and groom coming in from the cold to take pictures in the church. Too windy outside. 

I went home to eat and get ready and then we all six turned around to go back to the church. We stumbled upon the groomsmen in the midst of a little mischief.

Jada is so pretty!

Jenna was too. I was looking for Jazmin was she was missing in action...I think praying with David before the ceremony. 

From there Terry and I welcomed guests into the sanctuary and handed out programs. Evie even held the door for people. The ceremony was beautiful and I really did have a few tears out of joy. I was bursting with it.

Mr. and Mrs. Maxey came back in to greet their guests and dismiss them for food and drinks.

Glad they were able to get some food.

Visiting with the girls.

Jazmin looked so beautiful and grown up! She's come so far from the middle schooler I remember.

They look so happy don't they? And for good reason.

I had Steven take my picture with them. Duh. Had to be done.

Heading to cut the cake.

Watching the video Zoe and Chris put together. It was really well done.

Applauding and then they cut the cake.

Visiting with Matt shortly before they the toasts. I absolutely loved this bike tire art that Russ made for their table. It's in their apartment now. 

Time for toasts. Zoe did great. I forgot to take a picture of Steven, whoops.

David then thanked everyone. 

I like how Jazmin looks at him.

Right before they left we snagged a picture with them. I felt bad because many, many others wanted the same thing, but I had to have it. 

Leaving amidst huge sparklers.

Unfortunately my dumb camera wasn't focused. Grrr.

I was pretty frustrated with the quality of my pictures, but it's not like I'm a professional, and they're better than nothing. 

In she goes!

Time to kick this popsicle stand.

Good bye and we love you!