Saturday, January 14, 2017

post Christmas sledding

The day after Christmas, which was a Monday observed, the weather had cleared and we decided to go sledding as a family (except Ana and Elin). First we tried somewhere new, Quarry Park, which was one of the first places we ever geocached.

Thorin had a blast! He was would race the kids down the hill, ears flapping and legs flying.

There was a flat deeper place sort of between the two hills and therefore all the heavier people got stuck there.

Theo would be immobilized in the snow so Nathan pulled him.

Samuel appeared to be the perfect weight since he absolutely flew down the hill and never got stuck. He was having a great time and never cried when he wiped out. 

The snow was too powdery and not packed down enough to go very fast for everyone but Samuel. 

Stuck in the deep stuff.

Flying and happy.

That dog has springs!

Terry and Noah, Thorin, Nathan and Theo.

Thorin chasing Noah.

Evie wiping out.

It was a pretty long hill.

Happy Ezra.

After a while we decided to try Meadowbrook hill since this one was sort of difficult. Gosh it was beautiful that day though.

I was a bit in love with Thorin.

Good dog!

Beautiful right?!

Samuel and Theo at Meadowbrook. 

Nathan and Theo.

Again. Those ear flaps flapping were funny.

I love this huge old cottonwood tree in that field.

Everyone else had the day off too and it was packed! Nothing like our first time when the kids were all in school.

Coming to a stop.

Those baby blues!

So clean and white.

Shortly before leaving I had everyone line up so I could do a video of them all going at once. I also took pictures at the same time and caught Noah pulling Samuel's sled to the side...

...which resulted in a pile up!


In real time.

I went down a few times with Ezra at the end. He was psyched because with my weight we beat Samuel every single time.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas 2016

The kids were up bright eyed and bushy tailed on Christmas morning in their new pj's and slippers. They grabbed their stockings and went to town.

Nathan and Ana had went to my parents house for the day.

"What is this?" Nah, I don't even know what he was saying. He's cute though.

It's Christmas! 

Our traditional coffee cake breakfast. 

After cleanup we read Luke 2. 

Then we opened gifts. I love Evie's expressiveness. This was her watch, one of the primary things on her list

This was an extra gift, one we couldn't say no to - a new bunny to replace Fluffy, which she lost and had been adding to her to-do lists in an attempt to find him

"No. Way. A Pikachu!" 

Noah got a Flareon Pokemon. He was also just a little excited. Our kids got into Pokemon pretty heavily this last summer. 

Little remote control car for Ezzie. 

Samuel really wanted this Curious George jack-in-the-box. 

We had just watched Elf so the toy was even funnier.

It was hilarious to watch him jump when George came out, plus, look at Terry's eyes! 

We like to say Samuel has big emotions. He used to cry so hard he'd collapse and turn blue, he cries at the drop of a pin, and he laughs incredibly loud. Here he is expressing his happiness over receiving the Lego watch he asked for.

Noah was equally happy to get the Pokemon Mega Beedrill he asked for. 

Ezra is opening his Paw Patrol lunchbox, Terry's bored, Noah is watching, Samuel is playing, Ezra is on the move. 

Evie and her laser eyes with the photo book I made. 

Organizing Pokemon cards. 

Magnatiles and Legos. 

I was getting the camera timer ready and caught another funny look from Terry. Ha! 

Fun family times.

There was a blizzard that was supposed to hit that afternoon so we postponed our usual trip out to the ranch until the next day.  

We were glad we did too. It ended up being a pretty decent day and the kids had fun playing outside.