Sunday, July 14, 2019

Dinne Theater portraits

For two months we were gearing up for the Mexico/L.A. mission trip Dinner Theater fundraiser scheduled for Friday, May 10th. We finally got our costumes ready for the theater bulletin on May 1st. I remember leaving Youth Group for a bit to get dressed and have my picture taken. Mine were not as awesome as Terry's. 

He is a goof. 

I love it.

He was an egocentric, name calling artist who created one particularly awful sculpture.

"Bill and Bob. Bill, Bill, and Bob..." Terry had a whole song for those two lines that he called out when he wanted his movers to bring in the rest of his paintings.

Cole and Noah.

Evie was Shauna. 

She dressed as a little girl... pretty much herself.

She legitimately had the whole play memorized though she didn't have all that many lines.

I was a haughty rich lady.

I borrowed everything for my costume except the dress from Amy at church. It turned out just right.

The dress was from my friend April's wedding I was a bridesmaid in the week before Terry and I got married. So 2004. It was tight, but it still fit. The night of the theater I was getting quite uncomfortable, but it *still fit!* Yay!

A much thinner 22 year old Eva.

New glasses, new car, reading update, Gramma Dorothy passes away :(

Even though we all had eye appointments March 12, we didn't get Evie and Noah their new glasses til April 26. Oops. She got some nice blue ones. They complement her skin better than pink. I should know. She has pink skin like me. 

Samuel tried on all the boy glasses that Noah didn't like. He's so cute. I don't know why I don't have a picture of Noah! Maybe because he already had contacts.

We had sold Terry's 1998 Malibu on Noah's birthday and got this from Terry's dad to replace it, his Equinox. It was mega dirty so he gifted us a cleaning detail coupon he had won on a radio action. 

Good as new (it needed a few other things fixed too).

The next day, April 25th, I was taking the littles to a birthday party at the mall and while in route got the news that Terry's grandmother had just passed away. She had been sick in the hospital for a day or two and was going downhill quickly. I was in a super hurry to get up to the hospital to be with the family and accidentally brushed too close to a beautiful white truck while trying to park. I had been so distraught that I wasn't paying proper attention. Darn it. That made me even more upset. It wasn't like I could tell Terry about it right away like normal. 

We went to the hospital, said our goodbyes to Gramma Dorothy and went back to the mall to pick up the boys.

Working on funeral stuff.

Jim came over a to have Terry help him put digitize of his home videos for the funeral.

During one quiet time that week I caught Ezra downstairs reading this beginning reader books aloud to himself. 💙 It was so great. Samuel did the exact same thing two years ago.  

Ezra overheard reading and then a Samuel reading update. Love it.

Noah was also cruising through books. He finished his Algebra and second Science book. Thumbs up indeed. 👍

First nice spring day 2019

I remember this day, April 24th. It was the day was dreading blogging about because I had so many pictures. I delayed and delayed until now I'm three months behind. Oh well. It was a gorgeous day, one of our first, and we spent our time during piano at Sioux Park playing in the water with the O. family. 

Samuel was into bears that day.

Noah had a track meet.

Piano break time.

Brave girl saving worms.

Abigail helped to construct dams to stop a ball they had found.

The dam worked! Celebrate!

I figured out how to combine all my videos so now it's not so bad to blog. But I'm still behind.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Easter 2019

Two days after Noah's 14th birthday, April 21, was Easter. After church we went out to the ranch with Shari and her crew to celebrate Rebekah too (April 9th bday). 

Another joyful overreaction from Noah.

That boy is still into Pokemon... How long can it go on?

We re-gifted all of Evie's dress up clothes since she doesn't fit them anymore. 

Cute little face.

Easter filters.

It was raining and soggy (but at least it wasn't snowing like the week before and the week after)... we had to do our traditional egg hunt in the house for the first time ever.  

Off they go.

Going through the goods.

Resurrection egg time. The bread?



The cross.

A sponge. 


The boys took turns snuggling the kitty when they went to bed late that night.