Sunday, May 24, 2015

swimming with friends

A few weeks ago we had some missionary friends visiting, Klodi and Megina. The last thing we did together was to go swimming at Terry's co-worker's condo pool. We had all of our kids along with another family as well so they had quite fun time. Thankfully no one drowned. Though Evie did have a scary moment where she lost her floaty and was floundering a bit until another kid helped her. I was nearly in the pool though, fully clothed. I had one foot in, up to my shin, ready to rescue her. When my kids are in the water I am just so freaked out and can't hardly enjoy myself. That scares me about more than anything else.

I guess I forgot to take any pictures except for Terry taking Ezra under the little waterfall in the pool. 

He was totally freaked out at first but eventually enjoyed himself.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 2015 spring blizzard

It's more than halfway through May and yet right now it's starting to snow at our house. And that's nothing compared to two weekends ago when we received approximately 13-14 inches of snow. Whatever happened to the 70-80 degree temperatures we were having back in February?? 

That Sunday was Mother's Day. This is what we woke up to...

The day before I had worked at the clinic. There were all sorts of warnings about the anticipated huge spring snow storm so I took precautions by taking the Envoy with it's 4 wheel drive. However, there was no need. It only looked like this all day.

By 6 o'clock that evening it was supposed to start snowing in earnest, but it hadn't done much even by 8pm when I took this photo. I was wondering if the storm would miss us...

Since church had been cancelled for the morning, I was actually glad to see all that forecasted snow dumped on our back deck the following morning. Very wet, thick stuff too.

I woke up early that Mother's Day with some pretty nasty nausea. No, not pregnancy related because we are done. I don't know what the deal was, but I threw up later in the morning and spent most of the day laying down watching Alias on Netflix. I guess I was kind of thankful for the snow so Terry could be home and take care of the kiddies. 

After snapping a couple photos for the blog I laid back down and the kids brought me their cards. Noah loves me a trillion times.

Evie loves me Sooper Booper much because I make her food.

 So yeah, this was the back before anyone had gone out. 

Lots of snow on the Envoy. Though the roads were all pretty buried, it was so slushy that it didn't seem impossible to get out. Plus the ground was warm and the temps were rising. Things were melting already. 

These pictures are taken from our bedroom, which is on the second level of the house, about 20-25 feet above the ground. This is looking southeast towards our neighbor's yard and the National Guard land beyond the fence.

And here is the same shot just over 24 hours later. Crazy spring weather! 

The trampoline was quite weighted down with that heavy snow. 

Terry likes to clear a path for short Snap dog. 

And again, just over  a day later it was mostly gone except for the big piles.

Here you can see the Hills and blustery snow beyond our neighbor's yard. 
Terry and the kids spent a lot of time outside that morning. They are in the back corner of the yard, the top of our "hill." They were making snow ramp.

Noah is going down the ramp. 

Here is a short video of Noah going down.

Samuel is going down backwards on his knees.

Here's Samuel's run.

Evie going down on the little green sled.

And here is Evie's version of a penguin :)

Of course my poor hydrangeas couldn't survive the freezing temperatures overnight, nor the weight of the snow. So Terry rigged up a frame with his ladder and covered them with several tarps. Not so pretty much very effective... 

They survived! Now, a week and a half later, they are covered up again due to the storm we are getting, but they have been looking good.

Terry buried Samuel and Evie later in the day. They were so soaking wet. It was like they had been playing in rain puddles.

The next day I was feeling all better, thankfully, and wanted to shop for my mom's mother's day gift - some flowers and rhubarb from before the snow came to crush our plant. When we came out of Safeway, I thought the snow on Dinosaur Hill was pretty.

My folks watch baby Theo and we were able to snuggle him up. He's so stinking cute! Ah! 

I hope that storm was the last time we will be needing the snow boots and pants for a while. They're put away now in hopes...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

2015 awana awards

The close of this year of Awana was our third. Weird. It seems like a lot longer than that. 

Noah and Evie began back in 2011/2012 when we were still in Gburg and Evie just such a cute little Cubbie. Goodness they've grown.

2012/2013 was the year Noah received the Honor Awards for Sparks and Evie completed Cubbies. 

2013/2014 was last year Evie's first year of Sparks and Noah's of Truth and Training.

This year I had only Ezra in the nursery, which was nice. Samuel got to go into Cubbies and I felt a little bad for that since he's not the best talker. He's come a long way, as many have told me, but we didn't really worry about him memorizing verses. Somehow he managed though :)

He seems a little confused as to why in the world he's on stage... Well, I guess they all do! Ha!

Samuel received his award and appears to be thinking, "What the heck is this?"

The look of one who is so disappointed. No, no. Just kidding. He's just got his serious face on. 

He perked up once the applause began :) 

Evie did very well for her second year in Sparks. She finished two books. 

Those bangs are finally starting to grow out (she cut them last November), but now they're in her eyes all the time. 

Noah completed two books as well, for Truth and Training. Since he was catching up to 4th grade this year, I don't know if he'll have time to do every single book... We'll see.  He did very well though. Memorizing comes so easy for him. 

He was super excited (though you can't tell) to get this extra special Excellence award for doing the two books. Evie was disappointed but hopefully she'll get one next year. 

The group of them. Terry took pictures for me... Hehehe 

"What? Take photos? But I need to examine my pin and only have two hands. Oh yeah, I guess I do have a chin..."

first swim of the season

Two weekends ago we had some beautiful weather for Terry's day off. Terry and I started the day off right by working out (I have since fallen off the wagon) and then got started outside working on some projects. We picnicked on the back deck. Why so serious Noah?

The kids, mostly Evie, begged us to let them fill up the new swimming pool. I didn't think it was quite nice enough for that kind of thing (70 or so) but the persistent widow convinced us in the end. Very ice cold water! Samuel's about to jump out.

Ezzie was so cute with that hose. 

Ez quickly lost interest in the hose however and wanted in on the real fun. Terry'd let him in for a bit and then Ez would want out.  

It was super duper cold. Yeah, Ez is feeling that. 

But every time he went back in he became more accustomed to it. Then he started sitting down! 

By the time that happened it was just time to take off his clothes and let him go for it. He stayed in the water the longest of any of the kids and plopped into it over and over. 

I only let him play for about ten minutes before I took him into to get dried off and ready for a nap. He had so much fun though. Plus, the pool kept the rest of the kids busy while Terry and I were working on the planting my hydrangeas.

directory family photo

I forgot all about this photo and thought I better get it in the archives quick. This photo was taken for the church directory at the very beginning of 2015. Not bad :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Noah and Evie's first piano recital

As I alluded to in Noah's birthday post (and then forgot about), Noah and Evie had their very first piano recital on his 10th birthday, April 1. 

Noah and Evie began lessons last August and have come a long way. Of course, I never played the piano (but I did play the clarinet) and have always thought it looked intimidating. How can you do two different things with your hands at the same time?! It makes my brain hurt. Therefore, it must be good for my kids' brains. 

Evie was so excited for the recital. When I told her it would take place at church, she forgot that I also said it wouldn't be until the afternoon. During church, after worship time was over, Evie thought it was her turn to play and just about marched up to the stage to perform her song in front of the entire church. She was totally ready to go too!

After we had a birthday lunch at McDonald's, we went back to the church and put Ezra to "nap" in the nursery (no idea if he actually did though). Noah and Evie went into the sanctuary to practice one last time. When I was reviewing the videos Terry took of that day, I cracked up quite a bit at this video of the kids' interpretive dancing to someone else's practicing.

Finally the time drew near for the recital to begin. Just about every single member of our family in town came. That was heart warming. 

First up was Evie. Someone who could see Evie waiting in the side room for her turn told me how when she got up to perform, she took this huge deep breath and then walked off purposefully. She did great. 

We had to wait until afterwards to take photos.

Noah went a little while later and also did wonderfully, of course. He plays very forcefully, as a lot of boys do, I'm told. I loved his song.  

He looks so grown up!

There was a small reception afterward that I lamely took one awkward photo of. Sorry guys. And then we were off to have a birthday party before Terry had to leave for a dinner theater practice
Left to right: Asher and fellow dancer, Noah, Terry, Russ and Evie.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

dinner theater fundraiser

Like I mentioned back in February and a couple times since, Terry is taking a group of students and parents to Mexico and L.A. this summer for a mission trip. Trips take a lot of money, especially when there's so many people going (approx 20?)! They already sent out support letters, did a brown bag fundraiser in the foyer of the church and then a chili feed at church, actually in the same foyer. Ha! 

But they wanted to make sure it was enough, so one fantastic parent, Sarah, took on the burden of completely organizing a dinner theater fundraiser since Terry wouldn't be able to do that. She chose the play, gave out parts, prepared a set, organized practices as well as all the dinner supplies plus a hundred other things I am sure. Phew! Talk about a lot of work. Did I mention how she's amazing? Well, you got that didn't you.

And it all went off without a hitch (didn't even spill any spaghetti despite having that happen with a crockpot full of chili at the chili feed - yikes! haha). In fact, I heard that it was their best performance comparative to all of their practices, which were numerous. It was a great show! Everyone did fantastic! 

Sarah chose a play called The Conundrum on the Crackerjack Cruise which was about a crime committed aboard a cruise ship. The audience had to determine who, of the cast members, committed the crime. It was tricky though since all of them had legitimate cause. Terry was the captain of the cruise ship. He had to be in character all night so when I tried to kiss him he said he was married to someone else. The nerve! The other characters were great too, but I'm partial to my captain.

Noah and Evie are sitting on the left-most table of the cruise ship with Grampa B, who came to support his son the captain. 

And here is the other side of the ship. There were just over 200 people in attendance.

Here's the captain schmoozing some folks, one of which is a co-worker of mine, Kathy.

Jana and her "grand daughter" and actual daughter Mia. Jana's usually particularly friendly, but not this night. She was very proud and dramatic. 

And a view of the stage

The play started out with the captain going over a few details with Prae, the one otherwise in charge of the ship. 

After a brief first act, dinner was served. The seas were rough that night. Evie and her friend were thrown out of their seats!

I think the captain had been overworked. Needed a break or something. Or he had to pretend he was bored at our table. 

Don't think he appreciated these random kids stealing his hat and making goofy faces. Don't know where they learned that... 

This one is exceptionally goofy. 

I thought this was one of the best parts of the play - Terry trying to get a selfie with Jana's rare pink diamond ring. Ha! 

After the second act there were two games with audience participation. The Imitation Game: 
Tarzan, if you can't tell. Hilarious.

And The Dating Game. 

Frannie always wanted to play The Dating Game and that night her dream came true. Todd even said she had no flaws :) 

The couples discussing something... 

I got a hoot out of David and Silas changing scenes. "Pay no attention to us." 

This was also a highlight: Jana freaking out because her diamond ring had been stolen! 

The horror! 

At the end of that act the cast lined up for questions meant to help the audience figure out who dun it. Evie misunderstood. She went up there and said who she thought stole the ring - Jack.  

Also adorable was when Sarah's dad, a lawyer, came on stage and accused her. 

It appeared Evie was right, Jack did it. Paul, Terry's supposed better looking brother the detective, is taking the suspect away. 

But Jana can't hold it in anymore... 

She stole her own ring! Natasha's face is just gold. 

And there you have it. It was a splendid evening! Great job team! Have fun in Mexico (sob)!