Thursday, October 1, 2015

Terry's Star Trek birthday at the ranch

Terry's 37th birthday was September 3rd, and since he gets his day off for his special day and Alice also had the day off, we went out to the ranch. We celebrated Alice's birthday as well, which had been August 26th. They look so much alike!
I used the wrong measuring cups and my frosting kind of melted, but it was still delicious.

Terry doesn't looked too pleased with Noah's singing... Ha ha.

He's wishing for some good gifts, some of which he received...

The crown jewel (and also the worst one) of said gifts was this metal model of the Starship Enterprise D (the Next Generation model). Looks cool right?

Well, it sort of turned into more of a nightmare for poor Terry. I had considered trying to put this thing together myself so he could just enjoy it, but I'm glad I didn't try. I wouldn't have been able to. It was extremely challenging and took Terry three hours. 

He received three Star Trek related gifts after I fell in love with them on Terry specifically asked for a bobble head or an Enterprise ship to sit on his car dashboard. I couldn't find any cool bobble heads so the Enterprise is what I decided on. It looked rather awesome, and though the website warned that it required perseverance to put together, I was confident we could manage it. 

It came as two small sheets of laser cut metal, the pieces of which you had to pop out and then assemble using tweezers, patience and a magnifying glass. There was no glue, only metal tabs to fold over. 

I helped take the pieces out of the sheets.

While Terry was busy, we went outside for a science experiment. It was super hot that day; so hot that Alice said an egg would probably cook on the sidewalk. We thought we'd test her theory. 

Nope, not hot enough. Of course, it may have been at 1pm, instead of 4 or 5pm, when we finally got around to trying it. 

Girlie scored a nice snack though. 

Came back in to find Terry pretty frustrated. The website said to be prepared with your best profanity. Thankfully he didn't have to use that 

Like I said, after three hours, he finally got it together. It started out on his car dashboard and is now suspended by fishing wire from the rearview mirror in our other vehicle. It swings around at light speed.

Terry was unsure of Shari's gift at first, thinking we were trying to tell him we could do without him. I thought it was hilarious, though perhaps it needs to be returned since he hasn't worn it yet. Get it? On the original Star Trek every time they go on an away mission they take these red-shirt wearing extras and they always get killed off.

My mom got him this Star Trek electronic door chime. It's awesome. You hang it by a door and when someone crosses the threshold, it makes the sound of the Star Trek Enterprise doors opening, and also the Communicator Whistle sound and the red alert alarm.

And of course I had to make Terry his favorite spiral sandwiches

Friday, September 18, 2015

first day of school 2015-2016

On Monday, August 31 we reluctantly started school. We didn't have all of our books because I'm perpetually behind when it comes to getting ready for school, but at least we began. Summer just seemed so short with all the trips and busyness so I wasn't feeling particularly ready. But it's been satisfying to be back at it. Somehow I'm less irritated with my kids when I'm purposefully teaching them. The kids themselves seem to do better with the added structure as well.

I thought an outdoor photo of the yearly, or bi-yearly, size comparison would be nice.

"Can we do a silly one mommy?"

Noah is 10 years old and is doing 5th grade work this year. We worked hard to get him back on track last year after starting him late for Kindergarten. It's very hard to believe that this will be his last year of Awana and starts Youth Group next!

Evie is 7 years old and has started 2nd grade. She came a long way in her reading last year and is doing well.

Samuel, like I mentioned a couple posts ago, is 4 years old and is doing his final year of Communication Preschool. Hard to believe he'll be starting Kindergarten next year!

Ezra is 2 years old and is busy making mischief in the basement at his own contrived Purple Minion School. 

Here we go again! I was thinking, "How do I do this again?" The kids were thinking the same thing.

Evie drew this and I thought it was quite cute. I like to remember these things. That is the point of the blog!

Ezra face

How did my baby get so big?!

He's come a long way in two years :)

water balloons

The first or second day after Samuel went back to preschool, Shari and her girls came over for a water balloon fight - sort of a goodbye to summer. I am not very good at tying the little boogers and even took a chunk of skin out of my cold, numb finger with my own nail, but after 45 minutes of tying, the kids were ready for approximately two minutes of fun.

And... GO!

Samuel was successfully hit several times and ran off crying. He's kind of dramatic. Poor guy. 

Whoops, there goes another one on Samuel. But really, most of them bounced off the kids and burst on the ground. Sigh. 

Got her! 

After calming down Samuel came over and showed us his good throwing arm. Look at that follow-through! 

After the two minutes of fun, the kids settled down to play in the sprinkler with their buckets. 

The neighbors (and their dog Snoop, who looks similar to our Snap - kind of funny name resemblance right?) got a good show out of the deal. 

Samuel's first day of preschool

Samuel started his last year of Communication Preschool on Monday August 24h. He's always had speech issues but has really come a long way in the last year. Here's hoping that this final year will see him improve even more to get him ready for Kindergarten next year (how in the world I will teach three kids at once I do no know yet!).

The funny thing was, I dressed him in the same shirt he wore on his last day of school last May!
last day of school

The only difference is the pants and he's a little taller. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

vacation 2015: Nathan and Ana's

On Tuesday, following our time in Sioux Falls (Sunday night with Tim Hawkins, and Monday with Matt, April and the zoo), we drove northeasterly to Kerkhoven, MN where my brother and his little family had moved. It was (still!) raining as it had been since Sunday night. We arrived Tuesday afternoon and after greeting and seeing the house, we all just collapsed on the couch and watched a movie. It felt so nice to do that on a rainy afternoon. 

Nathan and Ana are renting this cute little house on the edge of a field from a man in their church. It was his mother's house but he had it updated for them before they moved in. It's very nice and just right for them.

The area added on behind the two stall garage is a long laundry room with a bathroom on the end. We decided to put all four kids in there instead of trying to put some with us (in the guest bedroom next door) or downstairs in the black unfinished (and scary) basement. It worked out very well except for the last morning when Samuel woke up confused and peed on the edge of his and Evie's air mattress! 

The following day, Wednesday, was a little less rainy, but still chilly and windy, as if it was fall instead of mid-August, which is usually sweltering in Minnesota. That morning we went 15 miles east to Willmar where my aunt Nancy and uncle Mike live. Mike was gone but Nancy treated gave us some hand-me-downs and a yummy lunch. Then we drove downtown to the YMCA. Our plan was to swim, but since there would be a pool break shortly, we had the kids play in the jungle gym for a bit. 
Even Ez made it up there. Of course he had to be forced down the slide with Noah though...

The pool was rather small, but it passed the time for two hours. The kids had fun. 

After dinner at Nathan and Ana's that evening, Nancy came and picked up Noah and Evie, whom she had invited to stay the night at her house. This was the next morning when she dropped them off.  Nancy is my dad's sister. His siblings are in the same birth order as ours - boy, girl, boy, boy. My dad is the oldest.

Thursday, after we had our kids back from Nancy, we drove 30 minutes farther northeast to Sibley State Park and "climbed" Mount Tom. Said mount is actually just a hill, one of the highest for 50 miles and is not far north of Willmar. We drove up the hill (instead of hiking all five or six miles) and then walked the short paved trail to the observation tower, which was unfortunately closed. We ate our lunch up here, thankful to finally have some nice vacation worthy weather to enjoy. Then, because we didn't want to leave yet and there was nothing else to do, Terry and the kids played tag. I love Evie's hair flying and she runs away from daddy/It, who she didn't expect to find up there. 

Just keep running! 

When they were really desperate to get away, they'd go down the path a little ways. 

And here you can see the tower better.

Eating my aunt's chocolate chip cookies. Nom nom nom. 

I can't do a proper selfie... 

Enjoying the view and the sunshine. 

The view south... 

And north. 

Camera fail again. 

Next we drove down the hill and stopped at the interpretive center. There was a fireman display and the kids took turns putting their faces in the fireman face. Noah...

Gummy Evie... 

Samuel (I seriously thought this was Ezra at first)...

And Ezra. Yeah, that's definitely him. 

Next we went on a "short" hike. Turns out that one and a half miles was a bit much for Samuel and Ezra, who wanted to be carried after about halfway through.

 It was very pretty, and very wooded. So many oak trees! I enjoyed all the acorns on the ground. So different compared to pine needles and cones in our Black Hills. Ezra liked them too. He wanted them all.

Poor dad, the beast of burden. ;) 
Notice that red bite on Samuel's right knee? There was a ring around it and I was worried it was Lyme Disease, especially when he spiked a high fever when we returned to Rapid. But we had him tested and it was negative.

After that we were so done. We drove south to Willmar, bought a gift for Nathan and Ana, ate cheap ice cream from Burger King and headed back to Kerkhoven.

Since Nathan was still at work and Ezra had fallen asleep in the van, we stopped by the church for a tour.

It's a nice little church! It reminds me a lot of what Parkview was like back in the day when it was First E-Free. I miss that place and Nathan's new church made me miss it more. 
Noah is giving a wild sermon, apparently...

Ana walked down with Theo and Thorin and we got to see the newly updated sign!

Everyone except Ez and I walked back to the house (Kerkhoven is small - only 737 - so it didn't take long) and then the kids played at making a "stew" with rocks, twigs and leaves in the remains of a driveway puddle.

I got another good picture of them! Awww, they're so cute. 

Their house is surrounded on two sides by farmland - soybeans - and has this beautiful, old red giant barn on the corner of the two acre lot. Nathan has some of his obsessive wood supply stored there.

Looking south. Lovely. 


West to east. 

Ana fixed us a yummy meal of chicken, carrots and potatoes in the crock pot. That's my parent's old oak dining room table Nathan refinished. We sure needed the leaf. 

The next morning, Friday, we left. Our DVD players are like five years old and don't work very well, so we propped the Nook up there and let the kids watch that way. It passed the time, though I do feel they are very spoiled. I had to drive to Chicago (17 hours) twice a year as a child and we didn't have movies to keep us busy. We just slept the whole time. And fought.

We made very good time and arrived home just before dinner time that night. Samuel was so exhausted he fell asleep right where he sat. He never ever does that. So after about a half hour, when dinner was ready, I woke him up and realized he was absolutely burning up. His temperature was 103!! I don't know what it was, but not Lyme's disease. He was better in a couple days.