Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Noah's wall of shame...and jelly

I had planned on being done blogging until after we returned from Mexico, but Noah changed the plan this morning with the first thing he said.

Noah is back to staying in bed until we come and get him. So I grabbed Evie and went into the boys room. After playing like I didn't know where he was b/c he was under his blankets, I sat down with him and started picking at something on the wall. Noah said, "Don't touch my boogers. I love my boogers!"

Yes, Noah has a wall of boogers next to his bed. I should say, Noah HAD a wall of shame b/c I just cleaned it up so I could take a picture and write this post... Note to self, boogers have an adhesive power matched only by dried smashed insects or concrete. I might have fared better if I had one of those magic erasers. As it was, I ended up removing some of the green paint in my zealous cleaning efforts. But I was successful.

When I told Terry about the wall, he said, Poor Noah! Terry was again concerned about embarrassing Noah. Well, Noah, if you're reading this when you're older, just know that you loved those boogers and you didn't know any reason not to (When we came in the room to take these pictures, he said, Where are my boogers?). And remember how your mommy told you boogers are for tissues? Yes, you learned your lesson.

I'll just say that my boy has a big heart. He loves a lot of things: Mommy, Daddy, Evie and Snap, and even the kids walking down the street from school that he doesn't know (when we were outside this morning, he said, Look! Kids! My best friends!).

Okay, and as for the jelly part of the title... When we were at the school playground Monday, Noah fell and scraped his knee. It bled a little so I took the opportunity to explain to him what blood was since he's never really bled that much. Afterwards, he kept calling it "jelly" even though he knew it was blood. I guess it does look a little like jelly on his plate after his pb&j sandwich...

So when we got home and Noah was all sweaty and salty, Snap gave him a good lick-down. Snap went right for the scrape and cleaned it right up. Today while we were outside Noah noticed a little ow-ie on my knee and said that he needed to lick it to make it better... I let him do it just once b/c he insisted. I guess I do tell him that he smells like a dog quite a bit (from wrestling w/Snap) so it was no stretch for him to heal me puppy style.
Noah is showing me where his scrape was.

Here he is showing me how to lick a wound.

And then daddy came home from working out and broke up our puppy party.

Since Evie is teething again, she didn't want to take her morning nap. I made them a "home" to play in per Noah request after playing in his own made of clean clothes on our bed yesterday.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

don't thump yer *yellow* mellon

I just wanted Shari to be able to see the cute *yellow* outfit that she got as a birthday gift for Evie. Like I said before, it's 90 degrees here and I was all for the wearing of tank tops. I'm looking pretty cute myself in a sweet black tank I got on a super sale at Kohl's, but I digress.

So here you are Shari, if you ever are able to check your email. Doesn't she look adorable?

Here's the back. Quite cute.
Why yes Evie, I would like a drink =). We had just got back from the park and were parched.

Noah is like, Look Evie, we have the same cup!

We've been out for a couple bike rides w/the kids since the weather is finally nice and decided we should probably upgrade. The kids had some second-hand helmets from I-have-no idea-where and they didn't fit correctly. So we did upgrade. I think Evie is just adorable in hers. Noah's in one of those a multi-sport ones so he looks a little dorkier. But if he ever wants to do some mountain climbing, he's all set.

He's comparing cups again...

our summer plans

Even though it's only actually spring, I'm calling it summer b/c today is over 90 degrees outside!
1st trip: MEXICO Thursday May 21 - Thursday May 28
2nd trip: MICHIGAN Thursday June 25 - Monday May 29
3rd trip: HOME Wednesday July 15 - Sunday July 19
4th trip: CAMP Sunday July 19 - Friday July 24
5th trip: LARAMIE / DENVER Sunday August 2 - Saturday August 8
Our first trip takes place in less than two days. We are going to Mexico to visit our friends Adam and Krista Crumpton. Terry went to Moody with both of them and Adam lived w/the B's for two summers plus a little extra. This was the same time that Terry and I started hanging out, dating and got engaged. They are missionaries and here is their website. They are in the process of finishing a new home due so they can get out of their mold filled one... Krista is also 8+ months pregnant with their second child, due in just a few weeks. We will help them move, maybe paint??? and scope out the ministry for a possible future youth group short term mission trip.
Secondly, I re-arranged my refrigerator to reflect our summer plans: weddings! As you can see from the itinerary, we'll be in Michigan for my brother Nathan's marriage to Ana Johnson on June 27th. I will be a hostess and Noah will be a ring bearer. I should probably start working with him right now on how to walk down the isle... At any rate, it's an outdoor wedding in a state park. Nathan, or "Nate" as everyone else but his own family calls him, and Ana are pretty outdoorsy, so an the venue fits.
After Nathan's wedding, is Shari's. Shari is marrying Jesse Herrington on July 18th. How sweet does Shari Herrington sound? Yeah, awesome. We'll be heading back home for this. I'm a bridesmaid and Terry is a groomsman and will also give the message. They're getting married in the same church Terry and I did, not to mention that they both grew up in it and we all met there.
Okay, the day after Shari's wedding Terry will be going to Junior Challenge Camp. He leads the youth band, directs games and organizes his cabin leaders from our youth group. Adam and Krista will probably be the missionary speakers for this camp.
After Maranatha, there's a couple weeks off before we go to Laramie for the disConnect youth group retreat at Table in the Wilderness. We get rid of the student's phones and ipods and go do fun stuff outside: mountain biking and climbing, hiking, canoeing and one more thing I can't remember. After Laramie, we'll go to Denver for Heavenfest, a huge music festival.
So, our summer is quite busy, but not too much so. If we had decided to go back to Wisconsin for Terry to be Chi-Ko speaker, THEN we would be in over our heads. But we regretfully turned them down. I'm bummed about it too...but maybe not as bummed as I would be if we were going. Maybe we can go next year when we don't have 2 weddings to attend...
See Steph, you're up there too!

Monday, May 18, 2009

another new addition

The second new addition to our house are two new kids chairs.

If you're familiar w/our dining room table and chairs, then the photo to the left will make some sense to you...w/the dirty gel stained cloths, sandpaper, gloves, paintbrush and stain...

Right before we moved, we bought an unfinished table, 6 chairs and an armoire from an unpainted furniture store. Everything is alder wood except for the chairs which are rubber wood, a very hard wood similar to oak. Alder is a soft wood.

We finished everything ourselves - first the armoire before we moved, then the table and chairs when we were settled in the Birg. We bought gel stain from the store, which you can see in the photo - Brown Mahogany (but the armoire is in Java).

Step by step? Twist my arm why don't you! (I am quite proud of our wood furniture since I put most of the work into it. )

1. sand wood w/180 grit sandpaper to open the pores
2. rub off wood particles w/clean cloth
3. rub on stain w/clean cloth
4. rub off stain w/cloth
5. dry
6. lightly sand w/320 grit sandpaper and wipe clean
7. apply polyurethane
6. dry
8. lightly sand w/320 grit and repeat polyurethane coats per preference

I put four coats of polyurethane on the everything but the table. The table I applied six coats. But since we had the new chairs to be finished we brought the table out to the garage to put more poly on. Four coats for the chairs and four more for the table. It just might have erased the special word that Jerry accidentally inlaid to the soft wood... I can't seem to find it anymore!

Here you can see how small Evie is compared to the chairs...or how large she is. I dunno which.

Kids trying them out. When Noah first saw his new chair he was SO excited.

Completed stained chairs, but not glossy yet.

I guess I can't hold the camera still and stand on top of a chair, but you get the idea. Pretty wood, eh?

Noah and Evie sit in their new chairs for the first official time! They work great b/c the arm-rests fit right under the table so the child can be scooted as close to the table as possible to eliminate Noah feet on the chairs and in the air and other such inappropriate behavior.

I think I did pretty good! Gorgeous aren't they?!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

our newest addition

Our newest addition is a TRAMPOLINE!

Yes, I never really thought about getting one, probably b/c I didn't have one growing up, but Terry did out at the ranch and he wanted to get the kids one. Plus, it's nice outside now and we're always feeling like the kids are wanting more to do. Terry says it's because we don't live in the country. I agree w/him.

Terry did a great job setting it up. And as you can see, it's one of those safe ones with a net around it and pad over the springs so kids can't fall out. This is especially helpful for Evie who likes to lean on the netting.

Terry is either mid-jump or he's working out his leg muscles.
Terry is trying to keep the cranky girl happy...
Terry spins the boy.

Noah especially enjoys the tramp. While Terry was setting it up Noah and I were sitting on it and Noah introduced me a make-believe Lion King game. He was Simba, but has since become Mufasa, I'm Nala, Terry is a Big Deer and Evie is a Little Deer. I'm not sure what else we do besides bounce around, case Scar, yell at Snap who is a hyena, sleep in a cave and wake up 2 seconds after we laid down, but Noah really likes it. He refuses to be called "Noah" and corrects us w/, "No, I'm Mufusa." Okaaaay. And then when he calls me "Nala" it sounds so much like "Noah" that it takes me a bit to catch up to what he wants. Funny boy.

Evie on the other hand currently has a love-hate relationship w/the tramp. She likes to walk around on it but has a hard time staying on her feet, even if Noah isn't bouncing. So when she does fall, which is often, she does a lot of crying. It can't be b/c it hurts (b/c it doesn't). We think she must be frustrated that she keeps falling when otherwise, she doesn't fall that much. She's a pretty independent little booger and likes to be busy. When she falls, it interrupts her plan, b/c, you better believe she has a plan.

Here's a short video of Terry and Noah showing off.