Thursday, April 30, 2009


So, as of tomorrow, Friday May 1st, we are heading home to the B's ranch.

Jerry fell out of his truck or tractor on Saturday and was hospitalized Monday b/c of a severe headache. He can't remember exactly what happened, is a little confused and not himself due to a result of a cerebral contusion (a bruise on the brain) which has caused his brain to swell. He was released Wednesday with strict restrictions to rest and not drive so as to not start the bleeding going again. It's been difficult for him to comply though so we are going home for about a week. Shari will be arriving next Sunday so...

So yeah, pray for Jerry if you can =).


So, today... It's not even over yet but it's been a strange one - funny mood swings. Making this blog has been my therapy.

As you'll see in this video, Noah and Evie began the day well "playing" together. Noah is a little rough with poor Evie but he IS a boy. I was forcefully reminded of video of Terry playing w/Shari when they were little... But as Noah never hurt her and she didn't cry, please don't write me off as a terrible mom, yet... They were both laughing and more importantly, she was laughing.

After lunch, we were all a little cranky. Perhaps it was due to being cooped up in the house for too long. I dunno. So I packed us up in the double stroller and set off for a walk to the green slide. Noah wanted Snap dog to come. But as I mentioned, I was a little cranky and didn't want to deal w/the dog. So I said an emphatic NO and set off. Noah, however, wasn't ready to let the matter drop. He kept on crying out for the Snap and said he wanted to go home. This behavior wasn't helped by the fact that Snap was yipping behind our fence as we were leaving. I kept going, biting my tongue when he complained and whined.

So we get to the park and swing, swing...swing. That's all they wanted to do. I wanted to get some library books for the boy since I am getting so tired of all the board books he's been preferring lately. But he wanted to go home. I said NO again and set off for the library.

Evie's new sandals.

See, that shoe is off again!

Once at the library Noah hopped out and was on his way down to the child's department, or so I thought, as I was maneuvering Evie out of the stroller hampered by her cute but inefficient shoes that fall off if w/the slightest movement. All of the sudden a really loud noise began and at first I thought it was just some random noise and I continued trying to get Evie out. When the noise continued, I figured something was up and looked for Noah. He was standing next to the fire alarm w/his hand in his mouth w/a frightened look on his face... Yeah, you can guess what happened there. I tried putting the fire alarm switch back down but it wouldn't go and Evie was still stuck in her seat so I grabbed her. Then the librarian, who knows Noah, came out, smiled kindly at him and started fiddling w/the box that controls the alarms. I am somewhat ashamed b/c when I saw her I asked Noah to say sorry. He kinda mumbled his apology and burst into tears. A LOT of tears. Poor little guy.
I realized right away, but too late of course, that I'd done the wrong thing. My little man was scared and didn't need to think he was in trouble for something he didn't even know was wrong in the first place. Did I mention I was cranky? Well, now you know I'm not a perfect mom, as the video above probably points out, even if you thought it was okay =).
So we go downstairs and Noah is just wailing. So he cried the entire time I looked for books and wasn't consoled when his Story Hour teacher tried to distract him, soothe him or talk to him. He's NEVER been so clingy. He didn't want me to put him down! He cried all the way home. He cried on my lap when we got home. He cried himself to sleep. Thankfully he is napping now, but I worry that I've wounded my son! I sure hope this isn't like a pivotal moment in his life where he realizes he can't please mommy so why try... Ug, what an afternoon.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Terry and I are always talking about how we wished we lived out in the country so there would be more stuff to occupy us, places for Noah to explore, etc.

Yesterday we finally did something about it.

Even though is was only 50 degrees out and a little blustery, we drove north about 45 minutes to Arnold where there's a recreational lake. We even took Snap...and then forgot his leash. Good thing Terry always wears a belt =). But we did remember 2 fishing poles and 1.5 worms left over from the last time Terry fished with Noah. And would you believe that we actually caught something?

It was a nice time except for the chilliness factor. I even sang a little "Cleatus take the reel" for the occasion (you know, Tim Hawkins' version of Carrie Underwood's "Jesus take the wheel?" SO funny, you must watch it here. Thankfully we avoided pulling any upper thigh muscles.). Also, we had to take extra care not to let Evie jump into the cold water or muddy puddles like she wanted too, but at least Noah knows better.

The view from the van.

What a good daddy, isn't he? I think so.

Noah absolutely insisted on holding the pole. He had a hard time keeping it still but maybe that was a good thing b/c but it just so happened that he got a fish right after this.

Daddy reeled it in and Noah was pretty stoked.

Unfortunately for our little inedible friend, he swallowed the hook and we had to let him keep it...

Noah is dragging a big stick to throw in and Evie is playing w/the dried leaves.

Shortly after Noah caught his fish, I caught, turtle. I was so sad.

Thankfully he didn't swallow the hook like his fish friend so we were able to set him free in full assurance that he would be okay. Then I felt quite proud that I actually caught a turtle.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Evie began crawling well just before we went on the ski trip, as my parents should fondly remember, and she had been working on walking even then. Well, she's almost mastered it now.

At first she would only walk short distances back and forth between Terry and I, or someone else she felt she could trust. Then she would go further distances between us and sometimes not grab our hands to steady herself, instead turning herself around.

Just in the last few days she's come a long way. She's been walking across the room, attempting to catch her brother who thinks he's being chased, which of course, he loves. She also walks around the couch if we're watching a movie or playing Mariokart.

I thought I better make a video for all the poor family that hasn't been here to see her progression. And then I thought I better make a picture story of it for Jerry and Alice who can't watch a video. Best of both worlds!

Evie crawled under the buffet when I was vacuuming.

Here is the beginning of Evie's trip around the couch.
Here she has stopped to watch Old Yeller, which is currently Noah's favorite thanks to daddy who forced him to watch it instead of Despereaux, which he really loves too.

Past the box of stuff for a youth group care package for Ernesto and Angie.

Looking into the kitchen.

On the move again.

She's got a new hat and sandals on. Her other white one she tossed while on a walk and I didn't notice (notice this new one has a strap...). And she didn't have any summer shoes so I got her some adorable pink polka-dot ones at Target =)

Finishing up her lap.

All done! And she's watching Old Yeller again.

Here is the actual video. And sorry about the smudge on the camera. Obviously, I didn't notice it...until now.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Story Hour Graduation

Almost a month ago, March 26th to be exact, Noah attended his final Story Hour at the Library for this school year. I couldn't go for some reason that I can't even remember, so Terry went. He sat with the Doerings and Strausers and took some fun pictures and even funner (ha) videos.

You've got to understand, Noah is ALL boy. And he is his father's son. And like his father before him, Noah is a spaz. He finds it difficult to sit still, especially when he's bored. We're working on this while we read books to him and as he sits at the table to eat his meals, but still. Terry got some great footage that just might embarrass him when he's older. We will have proof to show whatever lucky girl he ends up with, that he wasn't always so restrained (we hope anyway). We love you Noah.

I'm not sure why they're all lined up, but here is his 4pm group.

Look how attentive he is here!...

And here he is actually participating!

Noah scoping out whatever action is going on.

He just received his buttons. He was more excited about them when he got home to show me...

So, I should explain before you watch the video. Terry practically recorded the entire hour so I had a lot of footage to choose from. I chose Noah's most expressive-boredom clip and added subtitles. The rest of the time he is definitely more calm than what you'll see. I think Noah was just not so into the song and puppet stuff. He's more of a movie kind of guy. He's not a dancer, he's a runner. The song just didn't hold his attention so he was entertaining himself...

Here it is if the clip below won't work.

it's starting!

Summer is starting, that is. Or perhaps our long awaited spring is finally revealing it's presence through summer-like temperatures. Today is like 80 degrees outside, and though I at first resisted Noah's request, I gave in...

What our backyard looked like only 2 weeks ago:

Noah wanted to swim! He was not content to merely play w/his cars in the pool as I suggested. He wanted it filled. So after I cleaned it out w/soapy water, I filled it w/really cold water! That's why Evie is not in there. Noah kept getting in the water and then jumping to the side b/c it was so cold.
She enjoyed herself just splashing from the edge.

Noah in mid-slide

Noah sliding again, this time on this feet...

Saturday, April 18, 2009


As I mentioned before, we had a busy weekend last. For Easter, we all got dressed up of course, and went to church. My sister had brought her camera w/her per my request. We were supposed to get a family picture taken for the new church directory but Terry was gone the week they did it. And since it's nearly impossible to get everyone looking good when kids are involved, I thought having someone actually taking the picture would help.

After church I made my first roast beef. I had never bought so much meat in my life. Thankfully I didn't use it all. The roast was great.

After lunch we had a second birthday party for Evie since Shari and Stephanie had brought gifts for her. Well, she did open one the night before so she could wear her new dress to church. She looked quite cute. Nice one Shari.

I like this one...

...and this one.

Tawnya's kids were in the room behind us and kept trying to get in the picture - Kalli, Kellen, Kynlee.

Evie is pretty efficient at ripping.

She prefers the ripping to looking over her new books.

Grandma and Grampa Biers' gifts - see that bib? Gotta love it.

She also loved the sippy cup, which she actually really needed. Thanks!

hats for the sun

It's been raining the last couple days. We even thought the forecast, with it's 100% chance of rain for today, would force the school to cancel the track meet for today. However, Terry took Noah over to the school w/an umbrella and a couple coats and didn't even need them. Sometime late this morning the clouds broke and I'm pretty sure it's not going to rain anymore. It's gorgeous out. That'll help for prom tonight.

So, I got the kids new hats out and thought I better take some pictures. Evie looks SO cute in hers, not that you'd expect anything less. =)

There were 2 white ones I was choosing between and I got this one b/c I love how floppy it is.

Noah in his cute new hat that I guess is a little too small. He's pushing a car, though you can't see it.

Playing peek-a-boo.

Evie also got some new shoes.

Hands playing w/a little sand.

They even make baby jeans low-rise. Come ON!

Jerry had it right when he picked out a bib that said, "Photo with baby 50 cents"

That's sand on her nose.