Saturday, June 21, 2014

slippin 2014

Based on the last two years, the kids use their slip n slides about once, maybe twice, a summer. So last week was the first and maybe last time they'll use it.

The big kids went out after lunch and Ezra was just dying to join them. And at first glance I thought this was Samuel. He needs a hat that actually fits him. 

Ezra was very interested in the water.

But after a few minutes he would become a little uncertain. He'd end up in a little puddle and get cold, forgetting he could crawl out. We'd have to rescue him.

We feed him I promise. 

I'm glad the kids have those swim shirts. Helps their white skin so much. Noah has skin more like Terry's - he tans up. Terry came back from the bike trip looking native. 

Evie helping Ezra. 

Shari got those swim bottoms for Ezra for his birthday. Super cute. 

Slide action.


Ezra had to try it out for himself. 

Samuel was not too interested in the slide. He wanted to be one to spray the water. 

Evie would pour more water on herself when she started sliding. 

See? Random crying. 

Our purple flower thingys are looking quite nice this year. 

As are the irises. 

Da boys. 

Commence playing on the slide and in the mud.  

highchair for sale

Last weekend we contributed a few things to Terry's sister's garage sale. Prior to this we had tried several times to sell our old high chair that's too large for our dining room and kitchen, but had been unsuccessful. We should have put a cute baby in it before... Terry listed it on a facebook garage sale site as "Highchair $10 OBO. Baby not included." We sold it that day. 

upside down nap

Last week during the bike trip, the kids and I drove to see Terry in the hills on Tuesday and Wednesday. We would leave after afternoon nap time. On Wednesday I found Samuel like this, upside down and completely drowned in sleep. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

MS bike trip 2014

 June 9 - 13 Terry took nearly 20 middle schoolers on the 100 mile Mickelson Trail bike trip that occurs every two years. Yes, 100 miles! It's physically amazing that these "little" up and coming students can accomplish this. Very appropriately, Terry named the trip "Strive." 

It's fun to look back at his first bike trip because at that time we had only been back in Rapid for two months and hardly knew any of the kids. This year some of those original middle schoolers came back as leaders!

Monday, getting ready to leave the church to drive to the northernmost starting point of Deadwood.

Panoramic of their first night's camp.

Our friends Paul and Jana were gracious enough to take Noah up with them as they ferried some students along. He had a fantastic day with daddy. He wasn't quite tall enough to drive the go-carts but that didn't stop him from having fun. Hard to believe that in two years Terry will be taking Noah along for the whole trip. Wow.

He looks so happy :)

The following day, Tuesday, the group started off towards Rochford, 26 miles away. 

I like this photo of Ed with some students along the way that first day. Ed's the biking man.

That evening, Meghan (a MS leader), all four kids and I drove an hour to Rochford to have dinner with Terry and the crew. Since Ezra's not walking yet, I was thankful to have that baby backpack. 

They were watching Samuel toss that ball up to Lindsey (in blue). Then she would pass it to Noah and he would throw it to Samuel. 

Praying before having tacos for dinner. And then the clouds rolled in. 

I left as the rain started and they all headed for their tents. Kim (who had brought up the food) turned back to make sure Terry was okay. They put tarps over leaky tents. As far as the storm went, they were blessed not to get very much. In town we were deluged.

And what a lovely rainbow afterwards!

The following day, Wednesday, was 38 miles from Rochford to Custer. Some of those punks climbed up over this tunnel and threw pine cones down. It's sort of a tradition I guess. 

Terry died.

Over Highway 385 nearly to Custer.

The kids and I drove another hour on Wednesday to see and eat dinner with Terry. But they were behind schedule and we had to wait an hour for them to get there. My kids entertained themselves on these rocks in the campsite.

It was a chilly night!

Even Ezra did some rock climbing.

More rocks. Poser Evie.

The following day, Thursday, was their last day. From Custer they rode 36 miles to Hot Springs. Here they are just beginning.
leaving Custer

Here's another group shot, this time when they had finished their 100 miles of biking in Hot Springs.


And finally they went to Evans Plunge for a well deserved bit of fun. 

One more group photo before heading home on Friday. Way to go students, and Terry! We were sure  glad to have Terry home again.

And here's the video Terry made for church:

Evie's trip to Rainbow

Two weeks ago Evie was the first of our family to attend Rainbow Bible Ranch since Terry was a kid (I've never been and Noah will go next week). Even though she's only six and didn't know for sure if anyone she knew would even be there, she was SO excited. She was counting down the days from the time it was about a week away. She's just so social and friendly. I love that about her.

So we dropped her off on Thursday June 5th and went back again the very next night to pick her up. Since the kids are so little they don't stay long. She had a fantastic time despite the really poor weather (rain, mist, clouds). Here is her group of 53 kids performing a few songs they learned. She right dead center in the green/yellow/pink shirt looking at the camera.

Another highlight of Rainbow, aside from the horses, are the many kittens. It is a working ranch so it's bound to have those. Of course, they were very tame, as opposed to Terry's mom's cats which are terrified of people. Noah simply loved the kittens and desperately wanted to bring one home (I would have loved that too). I grew up with a cat and have always wanted one. But, alas, Snap kills them. No really. He's killed them at the ranch. So we can't have one. Noah really got his heart set on the idea though. He wanted to name a boy Russell and a girl Lucy. I wanted this kitten right here. When Samuel held it, it bit his chin. Poor Samuel but it was quite funny.

Before we left all the campers took turns to show us that they had learned to ride a bit. This is Evie on her favorite horse, Cinch.

And this is Callie. She's gone on a few trips with Terry and the youth group and is working out there this summer. All the girls love Samuel. Must be his hair. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Noah mows

Last week when it was time to mow the grass, Terry taught Noah how to do it. Noah did practically the whole front and back yard with Terry only emptying the bag and restarting the mower. He did great!

Samuel's first ride

A few weeks ago a friend borrowed me her jogging stroller so I could go for a run with my kids easier. The problem was, though, that I have two little boys who need a lift. I jammed Samuel and Ezra in that stroller one time and it worked okay. But I thought if I could just get Samuel going on Evie's Strider bike, perhaps he could ride along side me with Noah and Evie. So I put the Strider bike in the back yard and helped Samuel one time. After that, he was off on his own, figuring it out very quickly. On the first day he was going down the little hill in our backyard and even lifting his feet up! 

So a week ago, while Evie was at her first ever Rainbow Bible Ranch camp, I took the three boys out for a walk / bike test drive.

He did so great! On this, his first time out, he was already riding out in front of us and even lifting up his feet like this. Go Samuel go!

Mother's Day 2014

I forgot to post this photo from Mother's Day. I was really in the mood for some Mexican food so we loaded up all the kids and went downtown to Que Pasa. It was the first time we had gone to a sit down restaurant with all four kids. Quite an undertaking if you ask me, but it went great!