Friday, June 13, 2014

Samuel's first ride

A few weeks ago a friend borrowed me her jogging stroller so I could go for a run with my kids easier. The problem was, though, that I have two little boys who need a lift. I jammed Samuel and Ezra in that stroller one time and it worked okay. But I thought if I could just get Samuel going on Evie's Strider bike, perhaps he could ride along side me with Noah and Evie. So I put the Strider bike in the back yard and helped Samuel one time. After that, he was off on his own, figuring it out very quickly. On the first day he was going down the little hill in our backyard and even lifting his feet up! 

So a week ago, while Evie was at her first ever Rainbow Bible Ranch camp, I took the three boys out for a walk / bike test drive.

He did so great! On this, his first time out, he was already riding out in front of us and even lifting up his feet like this. Go Samuel go!

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