Monday, June 9, 2014

Ezra's 1st birthday!

How can it be that this little 7 pound 12 ounce guy... now this huge 22 pound one year old?! 

Time slows down for no one. I kept telling myself that he'd only be a newborn for such a short time and I sure enjoyed that stage. But the rest of the year went so quick as well! How we love this little guy. We are so thankful for him. I'm excited to see his personality further develop. So far he's pretty relaxed. Perhaps we'll bypass the whole toddlerhood thing...

So Ezra turned one year old on May 31, 2014. Terry got up early and brought home donuts for his birthday breakfast. Here's his first bite. He did not like it at all! 

After breakfast was some play time. He loves to wrestle with daddy. Ezra crawls all over him, especially his face. 

Later that day we played outside some. Apparently daddy likes to put the kids in the air... 

But come on. Who wouldn't love this? 

He's such a big boy now. And so stinking cute.

He was having fun swinging until he thought it'd be fun to lean out and hit his head. Poor baby. 

That evening we had my folks and Nathan and Ana over for a party. Notice how Evie is presenting her Lego "cake" as well? 

Poor Nathan shares a birthday with Ezra. But due to all the excitement of Ezra's birth last year, every last one of us forgot it was Nathan's birthday too. Even his own mother, who was watching our three kids. She was a little busy. Poor Nathan. Well this year we didn't forget him. And Ana's birthday is the day after Nathan's so we sang to her as well. 

Plop. Here's his first piece of cake. We were eager so see if he'd dig in like Samuel did

Look how confused he is! "What am I supposed to do with this?!" 

He gave it a try... 

Since he hadn't gotten any cake or frosting in his mouth, daddy tried to help him. 

Ezra did NOT appreciate that. 

"What have you done to me??!!"

He was so freaked out about how dirty his hand was. To borrow from Gollum, "It burns! Take it off us!"

Once we got him all cleaned up, it was time for gifts.  

 He got this frog which makes a funny sound when he drops it. It makes him laugh. :)

 He's so cute!!! Chubba Lubba.

Clothes from Gramma and Grampa. It's kinda strange how with two older brothers he'd still need some clothes. But he did!

And Evie got him a lego cake. Go Evie and Ez. 

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