Monday, March 29, 2010

our decision?

So, I think we may have come to agreement about which couch we want. This one:
And then I like this ottoman:
But this is the one that's supposed to "go" with it...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

king size

Noah's room has never looked like this, nor will it ever again, probably.

Noah will be sleeping on an air mattress in Evie's room until Monday due to our next house guests due to arrive this evening - Erngela. They are otherwise known as Ernesto and Angie Alaniz. We are psyched to have them but had to come up with somewhere for them to sleep.

Only one half of this bed is Noah's. The other half is Cheryl's. Thank you Cheryl! I'm totally jealous =)


If you've been around Evie lately, you're noticed how many accessories she's picked up. It started with the fake bead necklace. When we came back from the ski trip, she was toting her little purse everywhere with her. And now it's sunglasses that Terry got for her. Of course in this photo, she's got all three =)

How cute!

after the playground

So after we went to the playground Sunday, we came home and opened early birthday gifts from Stephanie! Evie turns two March 31st and Noah is four April 19th. I probably said that recently...

Anyway, here they are ripping in to them


Evie likes to spontaneously throw herself backward so you better be holding her tight, right Steph? And you can see Krista and Anson in the background there =)

Noah is enjoying his swimming pool toy, the shark that squirts water. Yeah, not gonna be able to use that one for a while. But Noah still wanted to take it to bed with him that night!

Oooooh. Nicey nice!

Noah is learning how to wind up more bath/pool toys.

I was forcefully reminded of Terry's dad here, who always reads the paper.

Here is my proof that Adam has a weakness. It's called a tooth abscess. He spent all afternoon napping and snoring on the couch.

Enter Krista

playground in the spring

It sure has been busy around our house lately! My sister arrived Thursday night but had to leave for work Sunday afternoon. But Adam and Krista, our friends who are missionaries in Mexico, arrived last Friday and stay until Monday! More company (Erngela) arrive tonight.

It was gorgeous Sunday so we took the 4 kids to the playground. Here is Steph watching our kids slide.

Sorry Krista, but you blinked! She's holding 8 month old Anson.

Evie gets some auntie help

Lookin good Stephie!

Noah sure has grown a lot this winter. He can climb this thing all by himself, though he had a little trouble coming down. The kid's almost FIVE!

happy birthday Shari!

Here is the inside of the card we sent Shari for her birthday, March 17th, otherwise known as Saint Patrick's Day, and less commonly known as Eva's half birthday =)

Noah wrote his name by himself, and daddy "helped" Evie to do hers =)

Here is the photo I threw in there of Terry and I... hmmm... ... ...


My parents were kind enough to come all the way here to watch our kids so I could go skiing again this year. We so appreciate that.

They brought their dog, Bo, an English Setter - he's their "child" now since all of their real ones are grown =) Snap was probably the most happy about this additional company, but Evie was delighted too. No matter how many times we corrected her, she called him "Boat."

Here's Evie is her Sunday get-up while we hang out together.

Daddy's not looking too spry... =)

The most enjoyable thing in NE for Boat is eating bubbles so that's what we did. Doesn't Terry look excited? HA! At least the kids, and Evie in particular, are entertained.

Here's a better shot of him, Bo that is...

He's a black and white blur!

wii wii

ski trip 2010 VIDEO

Here is the video of the ski trip that Terry made for church. He also made a long 15 minute version but I really don't want to put that one up. This one is primarily the kids from our church but there are also a couple short clips of Terry and I. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So...this might be gratuitous, but I'm doing it anyway. My excuse? I want opinions.

We've been slowly saving up to replace the very used couch in front of our tv. We want a sectional, or perhaps a curved "conversational" couch. When we move, it will fit nicely into the lower level. Additionally, it will be GREAT and so so so much better for having students over.

We originally wanted one that reclined. But those are more expensive and heavy. So now we are thinking about just getting an ottoman. We also want something firm so it lasts longer. And microfiber would be good b/c it's like indestructible.

Might as well get a new one so it lasts longer...

Here is the most expensive, though I don't have a number yet. It's a flexsteel... This is precisely the layout I would want. 3 seats on one side and 2 on the other. And something like this color too...

Here is the second expensive one - a flexsteel as well. We could put an additional wedge in the middle to lengthen it.

Here is a best furniture one. I don't like chaises, so we would switch that out...

Another Best one. Again, no chaise.

Here is an Ashley sectional. I like it, but it's not as good of quality as the other two, but therefore, less expensive!
And here is the final Ashley. Terry actually has a broken piece of this couch in the sunday school room. It certainly looks nice, but the back is a lot less supportive than I would like. Though the bottom cushions seem adequate. And, it's big.
So what do you think???

ski trip 2010

Last weekend was our annual youth group ski trip to Snowy Range, WY! It was Terry's third trip and my second. Here is last year's post, complete with video!

Last year I had a good time but did not prove to be a very good skier at all! I remember getting talked into going down with a few girls who I thought I could keep up with but they totally ditched me. And to top that off, I attempted to go solo down this really steep blue run called Virginian and I went and found Terry, rode up the ski lift with him and cried into his shoulder =(. I felt terrible that I was no good.

This year, I did a lot better! I perfected my snowplow and finally began to learn to go side to side to slow down. Plus, I had a friend - Brenda. She's a fellow leader and she's awesome. The first year her son hit a tree and was life-flighted to CO. This year her daughter totally broke her wrist. Not such a good record for her family! But me and Bren Bren were amazing. We matched each other's speed so we always had someone to hang out with. A great time was had by all despite the very poor sleep.

Here are a few photos of me, and one of Terry. He's making a sweet video for youth group so I will post that later.

Here is our pastor's youngest son Jon having just caused me to crash by crashing in front of me. It was epic. I whined a lot but really enjoyed it. It's stories like that that make it great.

I would look a lot less frumpy if I didn't have two full water bottles in my front chest pockets... And if my coat fit... And if it wasn't so long... Yeah, pretty much, I looked like a dork. But I had fun!

Okay, this is so sweet b/c this is Virginian! Brenda and I totally worked it out and overcame our fears. When we asked Emily if she wanted to go down with us, it was classic. We were like, Wanna come with us? Em: Where? Us: Virginian. Em: NOPE (without even missing a beat). But she came as well and did as good as we did. YES!

Notice, I look like a dork face again with my huge snowplow. But at least I'm safe.

I'm off to the right there and that's Siera in front of me. We're about to head through the trees to watch all the "cool" kids do their jumps.

This is Sarah, another leader, and I. She's quite a good skier. I could not keep up with her!

We are just about to head off the mountain after our second day of skiing. Terry and I had fun!

Here is Terry giving one of our favorite students, Chris, an award, though I can't recall what he got... Oops! (we gave about half the kids awards).

And here our group is in front of Darwin's bus at Table in the Wilderness, where we stayed. We took 30 kids!!!

they were here

Terry's parents came two weeks ago for a visit. It was a nice time for us as we were between two trips - D2S and skiing. We did pretty much nothing.

However, they did get a room at a hotel so the kids could swim and then let Terry and I stay there one night while they took the kids back home. Sweet!

Here is us doing nothing: Terry wrestles Noah and Evie climbs aboard

Grampa reading the paper. Snap LOVES company b/c they love him more than we do...

Gramma occupied herself with a book. It was quite rainy and gloomy so we just hung out by the fireplace.

Here's a video of us swimming

where you go...

...I go.

That's Evie's motto. Noah was in his room a couple weeks ago for a time out thingy. It got quiet for a while, which usually indicates trouble. He was supposed to be on his bed, but as he didn't hear me tell him he could come out, he got kinda bored I guess. I headed down there to find this:

Yep, looking through books. And Evie had to be involved too =)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

early bday gifts

It's kinda fun that Noah and Evie's birthdays are so close. Noah was born on the same day that we got engaged: April 19th. Evie was just almost an April Fools baby. I guess she didn't want that though b/c she came March 31st. So the pair of them are just about exactly 3 years apart.

My parents are here to hang out for a few days. My mom is like the craftiest person I know. Unfortunately, I inherited none of her skill. But I am more than okay with that =)

Here are the kids opening up an early bday gift

Noah is pulling his out with lightning speed

And here's Evie's

My mom crocheted sweaters for them! Aren't they adorable?! They're wearing them today and are quite warm. Evie came up to me just now with sweat on her nose =)

Dunno what's up with the tongue from Noah but Evie is cute as ever

Mom said Evie looked like she had muscle arms. She does!

And can you see that hood? It's got a little spiky poofy thing going on on top =) Thanks mom!