Friday, July 25, 2008

mess of things last post

Today is almost done. The packing is pretty much finished, although I keep thinking I've forgotten a bunch of stuff, which I probably have. Man, there is a lot that goes into packing a family for a ten day road trip, especially when they're so young!

Today was crazy. Mow the lawn, do laundry, go to Pizza Hut w/Noah and Evie and Terry's aunt, uncle and cousins and kids (Kellen with the heart defect), go to the park for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new playground equipment, come home to finish laundry and pack, pack, pack, go to Pamida for diapers and more undies (b/c yes, I'm going to attempt to keep up the potty training while we're gone...we'll see how it goes, hence diapers), make 2 dinners - one pizza for us and one for a woman at church, Andrea, who just had a baby almost a week ago -, take garage sale stuff to Terry's aunt's, buy some stuff, pack, watch Oprah (never happens), blog, pack car, go to bed, leave at 7am for a 10-12hr drive to Chicago to meet the Fongs! "Oh my goodness" as Noah would say, after his mommy of course.

So on with today's crazy pictures!

Since I've had so much company, I had put away Evie's "toy" thing b/c there was always someone to hold her. I just got it out again and found that she can totally grab things now! She's 4 months now - or will be on the 31st!

Here are some shots from the ribbon cutting ceremony. Of course they let the kids play afterwards (Noah didn't like having to wait since it was obvious that the fence that had prevented him from getting in there was gone now). Perhaps we'll have our picture in the paper again next week!
That's Terry's cousin's husband, Tim, helping Noah down the slide - it was HOT.

Thought I'd show off some more of my mom's handiwork since she's so talented like that. This is an ornament she made at Christmas and I put on Evie's door handle to remind me of the little girl that was coming. I think it's sooo cute.

Here is a shower robe mom crocheted for Evie. It won't fit till she's like a year but it's soooo cute also. I might have to put her in it for everything but after baths since it's so nice.

Some shots of her room since I don't have any on here (only some on facebook before it was finished). The colors are pink and green if you can't tell.

My mom and sister found the perfect bedding for the room. I love it!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


If you haven't been able to tell, this month has been crazy for Terry...and the rest of us. It began with Terry going to Salt Lake City for the E-Free Challenge Conference. Then a week off. Then Junior Challenge Camp, which was last week. Last weekend was Hills Alive. This Saturday we go to Chicago and Lake Geneva for the camp that Terry's the speaker for - well, for the 3rd-8th graders. It's the church he was involved with while he was at Moody, where he interned for grad school. Anyway, it's great and we'll have fun. I'm getting all my posts out of the way before we go. =)

Yes, so last week Terry was at Camp Maranatha. He was pretty much supervising (and of course, helping) the high school leaders that he brought. The high schoolers were cabin leaders for junior highers. Every day, me, the kids, my mom and sister visited Terry in the afternoon after swimming lessons. He had a good week but I can't really recall any cool stories...probably b/c he didn't have time to tell me and by now he's forgotten. =) So here are some pictures.

Terry yelling at the kids on the first day.

Kids playing a game w/the big ball after the leaders had popped it already - see the duct tape?
He also led the worship w/our high schoolers - Emily, Chelsea, Levi and Chris.

Here's the ball again, quite a bit deflated. Terry's practicing in the back.
Sharing some thoughts.

Smoring it up.

Keeping the order for a 4-way tug of war game.

Participating with the speaker, Out of the Box. He does "magic" tricks.

this evening

This evening I took Noah to get his hair cut professionally for the first time. I warned Mary, who goes to our church, that he really freaks out - she had reassured me that she'd seen it all and it would be fine. I thought maybe, just maybe, he could get through it since it wasn't me that was doing operating the clippers. Didn't happen. He did all the usuals, "Get down! Help me! NO!" Yeah, it was a screaming fest and there were other ladies in there. I wasn't that embarrassed b/c it just seemed like they thought it was funny and more felt sorry for me. I thought it was funny since I wasn't the one doing it. Mary did very well though. She worked really fast and tried her darndest to distract him, although he just wasn't having that.

So, his hair looks great. Take a look. They're all watching Terry play Lord of the Rings on our PS2... Evie's even contributing.

Man, his feet are big.


My crafty mom made this adorable hat for Evie last week. How cute! It's a little big right now but it'll be perfect for this winter.

swimming lessons

One of the things we did last week while Terry was at camp was take Noah to his first swimming lessons! My friend Kristin, who has been a lifeguard for quite some time, taught the class. It was just an introductory class so it was a little basic for Noah. It was meant to get your baby used to the water. I think Noah was the biggest and probably oldest there. But we still had a lot of fun.

On the last day of class a photographer from our paper came. She asked us all of our names and our kids' ages and took pictures during class. Yeah, thank goodness I had just got a top that fit my nursing style, if you know what I mean - necessarily more modest. Anyway, this first photo is the spread they did in the paper this week! I thought it would just be a little blurb with like one photo but here we all are. Kristin is in the top left picture w/her son Mavrix. Me and Noah are in the highlighted one! Yeah, pretty cool.

Here's Noah kicking his legs like any good swimmer should.

Here I am attempting to get Noah to push off from the side. He did pretty good most of the time.

Pulling him back after his push off.

Here is him jumping to me!

too too cute

Here are some pictures my sister took 2 Sundays ago when they were here to keep me company while Terry was at camp. Evie is just so cute. I like her a lot.

This is what she looks like when anyone talks to her - very social and happy to see you.

This is Evie imitating my favorite actor with her cute little half smile - Harrison Ford of course.

Here is what she looks like a lot of the rest of the time, especially if you're not looking at her or holding her.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So I have two funny stories. Well, at least I think they're funny.

Yesterday I got up too fast from bed and had that experience where you black out. I should have given myself time to adjust but I didn't. I ended up hobbling to the bathroom in the black of my head, telling myself that the light would return once the blood returned to my brain. Terry is himself getting up as well and is pretty much right behind me. So I stumble into the bathroom and things are not coming back. In fact, they're getting worse. I'm starting to not be able to control my movements anymore. I ended up half slump walking, desperately trying to stay on my feet, stomping through the bathroom until I fell down by the sink. I start laughing as I hit the floor b/c even though I kinda passed out as I fell for like 2 seconds, I still remember it. I could hear Terry running in and saying, "Are you all right? It sounded like an elephant walking in here." Yeah, I thought, that was because of the giant flat footed steps I was taking to try to keep myself from falling, which didn't work. I just laughed b/c I wish I could have seen what I looked like. It would have been so funny. I don't think Terry laughed.

Oh oh. And the second thing happened this afternoon after lunch. Terry comes home every day for lunch b/c, well, he's only like 2 minutes away, if that. Anyway, he went to lay down on the couch b/c I fed him so well and Noah went to play with him. I followed him in there after taking care of a few things on the computer. Noah was at Terry's head and I snuggled up to him. Noah was not for this. He pushes me away and says, "No! Go cook." Yeah, I guess that's what I'm known for. =)

our quick trip

Last weekend we took students to Hills Alive, but really just to visit family. =) No offense Chris and Levi. We got there at 1pm Saturday and left at 9am Monday. Yeah, our quick trip. I was happy that Terry didn't have to spend every moment at the concerts though, and thus we were able to hang out with his family for a bit. Here they are below, probably not liking that I put this picture up =). But hey, it's got all of us in it, except me, and those are Terry's feet. I'm pretty sure Noah is watching "Mouse," aka Stewart Little II. It's his favorite thing to do there. Oh, I guess my right foot is there too. You can see Terry's bald shins. The youth group kids like to tease him about those.

Here's Evie yesterday. I never really "girly" her up, so here is my attempt.

And Noah. He just wouldn't sit still next to her for a pic - thought it was some kind of game.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

the end of something great and the beginning of something new

Imagine slow solomn music playing b/c this story needs it... kind of.

Until now, when Noah wakes up he never tried to leave his bed to play or open the door to leave his bedroom. He's always just sat there playing with his toes or whatever he does (I don't know - I'm not in there) and whines a little. It's mostly just loud talking with no real words - his way of letting us know he's awake. Every since Noah's been in a "big boy bed," or since we took the sides off his crib and now too when he's in a twin bed, it's been this way. We awake to him talking or we're already awake or whatever and have to go in and get him. Now it's all over. He's now getting down from bed and opening his door on his own.

I think it's my fault. Day before yesterday I was trying to get him to nap and he didn't want too. So he just sat in there and talked and played with his toes, which I'm fine with b/c I get a break. Anyway, he opened the door and came out and I told him it was fine b/c it'd been long enough. So next morning Terry was up before me and Noah comes walking out of his room while Terry was making himself breakfast! I thought maybe it was just a fluke but it happened again this morning. We heard his door creak open and him come running down the hall from our room. Silly boy. So that's that. He will be getting himself up from now on I guess, but not in the middle of the night I hope.

On, the part where something is new... Yeah, we got out the Johnny Jump Up for Evie. It was quite cute b/c of course she doesn't know what to do at 3.5 months. And yet it was okay for her b/c she likes to be upright more than any other position.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Noah's excuses

Lately Noah has been improving in his excuse making ability. Perhaps he learned it from us - we're too tired or it's too hot, etc. A few days ago I went to the store while Shari watched the kids for me. She tried to get Noah to go outside to go swimming and almost had him there when he said, "Too hot" on the way out the door. Later that day Terry was on the porch with a couple youth group kids visiting and Noah wanted so badly to go out with his daddy. Terry said it would be fine but when I opened the sliding glass door and Noah saw these 2 unfamiliar kids, he said, "Too noisy," and closed the door. Just today during lunch he didn't want to eat the macaroni and cheese w/chicken I had so graciously made for him (b/c who doesn't get tired of peanut butter and jelly), when he started making excuses, "Too hot, too cold, too tired." The "too tired" remark is a favorite when it's time to potty (which he won't do unless we force him to). When it's time for an occasional nap (hit and miss these days), he says "Good morning," in an attempt to fool us that hey, I just got up and morning time just began so it can't be time to go to bed. Yes, he's coming around but he doesn't fool us much.

You might notice I have some actual recent pictures posted here. Yes, Shari has so graciously allowed us to borrow hers until we got another - she has the exact same one that we used to. Thanks Shari! And thanks Grampa Jerry for the new one we'll get next week while visiting!

The morning Shari left Noah insisted Terry get the train out for him. It's pretty impressive that Noah remembers it b/c it's been since Christmas when it was around the tree that he's played with it. He even still remembered where it was kept - the guest bedroom closet. So here he is playing with it and Evie watching on.

I like this one b/c Noah is upset that the train isn't doing what he wants it too - pouty face.

Awwwwww. She's getting so good at holding her head still, with the occasional head bobble.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Terry said you all didn't need to see so many pictures of him (so modest) but I said that I would like to see him so that's what I'm doing. Here are a bunch of shots from the Challenge conference he was at last week.
Saturday, June 28
Our crew crowded in front of our church in the small area of shade. Four more joined them when they hooked up with the other E-Free youth group and another group from Alma...wherever that is. The other E-Free church owned the charter bus they drove down.
Sunday, June 29
Terry in the stairwell of the hotel they stayed in.

First set.

Terry said this was kung fu.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Noah would have loved this - high fives

Terry with Lindsay and a speaker.
I think I heard that the boys took this cart from a homeless man...don't know how true that is...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Amanda, Lindsay and Chelsea reveal the Salt Center's auditorium.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
They set a Guinness Book World Record with this - the largest kazoo song of Amazing Grace.
Terry's giving one of his speeches.

Breaking the rules...


Friday, July 4, 2008
The arrival of the group is back. Terry's in the front on the left with the hat and Bible.
Here's the part-time Alma youth pastor, full-time farmer, with Lindsay, that the group is trying to set Shari up with =).

Fun Terry on the bus.

Terry explains things on the bus to Shelli (left), the pastor's wife, and Brenda (right), Zac's mom.