Sunday, January 25, 2015

forgotten Fall Retreat pics

I had forgotten about these gems when I quickly posted about last year's Fall Retreat on my Halloween post. And as you can see, that was a huge mistake. Literally huge. Now, these guys are funny from the front, but wait until you see the profile view...
balloon filled David, Steven and my brother Nathan

... I about died laughing and woke up the sleeping kids when Terry showed me these the night he returned from the retreat. Steven is the best. 

Steve must do lots of squats. 

Looking a little lumpy David. Ease up on the protein shakes.

Terry said, "Never skip leg day." HA! Fun fact: Later this night Ana went into labor!

Steven appears to be a turtle stuck on its back. Nathan's balloon muscles were not strong enough to fend off a pen's wrath, and sadly, he lost every one of them.

New Years Day 2015

New Years Eve was pretty chilled around here. Terry went to the party at the church he had organized for the high schoolers. I was home with the kids and stayed up too late reading a book I couldn't put down. In all, both of us didn't get to sleep until 3am. We slept the latest the kids would allow (8am) and got on with our day. 

Terry went out with the kids in the afternoon (b/c he is crazy and a good dad). He expended what little energy he did have rolling snow into huge balls for the kids. Also, take note of the pretty sad looking snowman that Evie had built a couple weeks earlier.

When they were about done playing, Evie demolished her snowman and went about stabbing it with it's fake carrot nose. She's weird like that. And actually, she's outside right this minute, having just destroyed (with another baseball bat) what was left of those huge snow balls Daddy made. 

Rewind to when Daddy was putting the finishing touches on the snow balls.

It was too big for Samuel to climb up on his own. Evie is upside down for unknown, but assuredly very silly, reasons.

They each ended up with their very own snow balls to sit on. I thought those things would never melt. However, the 50s we've had this week, and Evie's baseball bat beating, have seen to them. 

the day after Christmas 2014

The day after Christmas is always a busy one, putting together Legos and playing with new toys. It's great because TV and video games are usually far from the kids' minds. Plus, this year there was snow to play in!

Noah is putting together his new Star Wars Lego set, of course. Samuel is playing with the Nano Lego set that Daddy had to put together for Noah because he didn't wanna take the time to figure it out himself (there's not detailed instructions). Terry is helping Evie make paper beads. 

Later that day Samuel took his new tractor outside to test out it's snow hauling capabilities...

Pretty good! When he's not hauling snow, he packs that bucket up with cars. 

2014 ranch Christmas

After we finished our family Christmas celebration at our own house, we drove out to the ranch in the snow. It was so pretty! We decided to open up gifts before lunch so Ezra and Sarah could nap sooner. Here's everyone getting ready. Notice Noah busy at work putting together a small Lego toy he got earlier... He didn't want to stop!

Find a seat people! Atta boy Jesse ;)

Was it necessary for Grace and Evie to share a chair? No. But I guess in their mind it was. Evie's got her new doll from my folks. 

The tree and pile...and snow! 

Shari, Jesse, Sarah and a slice of Grace. 

I mostly only took photos beforehand. Oops. Shari's new dog (Sugar, on her lap) and Snap came along for the fun. Sugar is a Dachshund/Miniature Schnauzer mix, so she looks like a low-rider Snap (he's a Schnauzer too). Since he's bigger, Snap thinks he is the alpha dog. But he thinks that with bigger dogs too.

Jerry and Terry examining the annual photo album I make.

Samuel loves his tractor. The following day he took it out to scoop snow. Next we had a delicious and huge lunch and lots of afternoon game time.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014 Christmas

Our kids were so excited on Christmas morning, just like everyone's kids. It's so fun! We got them up all at the same time and they poured out their stockings first thing. Here they are with their loot waiting for breakfast, the now traditional raspberry coffee cake.

Before we do any present opening, we have to read through the Christmas story in Luke and pray. 

Samuel played with his new Cars 2 cars while "listening"

Ezra played with his own little Switch and Go Dino from the night before

I just loved our tree this year. We have since then taken it down and I still miss it. 

Patiently waiting... They look so happy. Evie's got her new doll Gramma and Grampa K gave her. 

It snowed on Christmas! Those window snowflakes are Star Wars characters which my sister made for me several years ago. I pack them up to save every year! 


Let it begin!  

Just like Christmas Eve at my folks, the youngest opens first. Ezra got his first little smart phone. Gotta start 'em early.

I managed to surprise Terry with the next step in his workout series, T25. 

Then Ezra got the Planes 2 planes. He's making Dusty fly :) 

We had to buy the Frozen dolls from two different places because the demand was so great. She loves them though! 

And Noah got another Lego Star Wars set for his big gift. I always feel a little sad when Christmas is over. Such excitement and then it's done. Good thing we were headed to the ranch next for more celebrating...

Kveene Christmas Eve 2014

Since we've moved back to Rapid and have both families in the area, we've had to divide our holidays up between the two. We finally landed on a tradition that will probably work for years to come. For my side, we decided on getting together at my folks house on Christmas Eve. It's what we always did when we were little and that leaves Christmas Day open for Terry's side of the family. Plus, it extends Christmas a little longer and the kids get a few "early" presents! Of course, Evie doesn't look all that excited. She cracks me up.

Gramma was taking a break from the kitchen and watching the kids plays the old school Nintendo. It wouldn't feel like Christmas if I didn't play Aladdin on that thing. I can whoop that game in an hour. I still got it :)

I forgot my nice camera so we had to make due with Terry's iphone which doesn't do so good in dark indoor rooms like my parents house (my dad prefers dungeon lighting). 

Terry just kept taking pictures of Nathan, Ana and Theo even though Nathan wasn't paying attention. The progression is quite funny. First, here, Nathan is engrossed in Pinterest and clueless. 

Enter me, "Pssst! Nathan! Terry's taking your picture!" 
Nathan, "Er, what?! OH!"

"Okay, okay, I guess I could put it down and pose...." 

There you go Nathan!
Ana might have been completely unaware of what was happening behind her. She never stopped smiling :) I don't think she moved an inch! 

6 pack! 

Grandma and her grandchildren. Hmmm, Nathan and Ana have some catching up to do ;)

One tradition we have is to open gifts from youngest to oldest. Here's Evie's first gift - another Trollbead from my folks. 

This was the first non-Star Wars lego set Noah's received in forever. He was psyched. 

My mom got a thingy-bobby that takes her gourmet pizzas in and out of the oven. 

Theo was a gift in himself. Too bad I couldn't snuggle him. I was sick - lost my voice for like a week.

The kids got new pajamas, which they needed desperately. Noah and Evie's pj's were all capris length they were so short. We might have to do this annually.

Dad got these packable hip waders for hunting. He looked so funny wearing them inside. 

And the crown jewel of gifts was a new Wii game, Infinity, from Nathan and Ana (and we got them some characters to go with it). They've been dreaming about this (or Skylander Giants) for a long time. Noah screamed when he opened it. Again, Evie with the weird face. Silly child.

I had asked my brother to make this pinterest mirror for me for Christmas with some leftover pine beetle bugwood from their nursery. I love it!!!

We got home a little late, put the kids in their new pajamas and tucked them in for the night. Then we got to work preparing for Christmas morning. They were so excited. The anticipation is so great.