Tuesday, December 30, 2014

bowling for snowmen

 The Monday before Christmas, the church staff had their Christmas party.
top row L to R: Alyssa and Andrew (friends who just ended up sitting with almost all the staff at a wedding last summer), Dave, me, Terry.
bottom row: Carol, Paul, Jana, Russ, Denise (Lauralee is missing)

Paul and Jana graciously organized a bowling party complete with prizes for us all. We had the most people present and therefore won the most prizes. That, and we're the best bowlers... :P

Jana prepared a "just add snow snow-man kit" for every family. Evie put it to use the very next day with the small amount of snow that fell. She had a real hard time with that nose, but got it in place eventually. However, I'm pretty sure it fell out and she put it back in the small pointy end first and it's still out there covered by a couple inches more snow. 
"Do you wanna build a snowman?"

Well, turns out that joke about us being the best bowlers was partly true. I randomly made 4 strikes in a row and Terry got the high score of the evening with 218! When we were dating and engaged we used to do quite a bit of bowling in Sturgis since there wasn't much else to do. He even bought his own shoes (I have some too from a garage sale), a custom ball to fit his own fingers and a bag to put it all in. He swears that's the secret to his success. But, as Jim Gaffigan says, it also means he has no friends. Who cares with a score like that. ;)

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