Thursday, December 4, 2014

new park fun!...and the dentist

Last summer we did quite a bit of riding on the bike path and were super curious about the construction area near the creek by Memorial Park. Eventually we could discern that it was some kind of park, but not until it opened were the kids able to see how cool it was. The Friday after Theo was born, the three older kids had a dentist appointment. Terry took them to the dentist and the new Memorial Park Promenade while I went and ran some kind of errand with Ezra. It was a good day for it, besides the cold, because there were no crowds. Most kids have to be in school on Friday mornings after all ;) We, however, take that day off!

Here's Samuel doing a little balancing. 

Noah inside a corkscrew.

Climbing monkeys. 

Swinging monkeys. 

Spinning monkey. 

Not sure what this thing was. More spinning for the monkeys? 

Large group teeter-totter! 

This was Samuel's first time having his teeth cleaned and he did great! We were a little concerned since he tends to be a little over-emotional. Thankfully there was no screaming.

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