Friday, December 19, 2014

Samuel's finger - a 2nd injury

Back in October while Terry and I were purchasing our new mattress, Samuel sliced his left ring finger in the store's door (as far as we can tell since he couldn't describe it very well). And now, only about a month later, he injured that exact same finger again.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we went out to the ranch to hang out for the afternoon and Samuel put his left ring finger in some part of the tractor door shortly after this photo was taken. It swelled up immediately and he wouldn't calm down so we took him to urgent care.

They did an x-ray and found a very small fracture in the bottom-most bone of that finger. It wasn't on a growth place or the knuckle so they splinted it and said to come back in a couple days. At that time the doctor looked at the x-ray and said he wasn't even completely sure if it was a fracture, re-set the finger in a better splint and we were done. We took the splint off a few days later, after about a week total, and he's been just fine. In fact, when he's complained about his finger still hurting, he shows me the wrong finger! Clearly it's not bothering him anymore. We just had to be sure though. Hopefully he can avoid hurting that finger any further in the future. What can he do next? Get it torn off completely? Silly boy.
you can't tell very well but that ring finger was pretty swollen and discolored. my cell camera is pretty awful.

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