Sunday, December 28, 2014

my funny Evie

When Christmas vacation began last week I was replacing old photos in frames with newly ordered ones, Evie and Samuel were playing dress up, and Noah was taking pictures. He captured a couple classic Evie faces. She is such a goof. Such a goose. She's always making us laugh. 

For instance, on Terry's first day off, the kids were begging Terry to shave off his beard that's hung around since No-Shave-November since we both like it. The kids hate it though. And Evie yelled out in all seriousness, "Your beard is going to ruin Christmas!"

Here she is photo-bombing Noah's attempt to take a photo of the advent stockings.

Then at the Youth Group Christmas party last weekend she made the whole group laugh twice. Terry was giving a short lesson  where he showed a quick Frozen clip. He asked, "Did Elsa deserve to have Ana sacrifice herself for her?" Evie yelled out, "NO! She froze her heart!" 

Then again Terry asked, "How do you know someone loves you?" and Evie blurted out, "They kiss you on the cheek!!" HA HA! I love that little girl. She is such a bright little light in our family.
silly faced girl playing with Daddy's drill

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