Thursday, December 18, 2014

tree decorating 2014

Right away when we returned from tree hunting, we started decorating. Terry had bought a new star and a few strands of lights from Menards on Black Friday and thankfully they all turned out fine. Noah helped me by following me around the tree while I wound each large branch with lights. It's a Kveene thing. We use tons of lights.

This was Evie when we got started. She was totally riveted and excited.

He's a good helper. 

Almost done.

The kids get to put on all the unbreakable ornaments and I hang the fragile ones high up. I just don't see the point of a designer tree or changing it's theme every year. I like our old fashioned ornaments that are full of memories.

Good looking boy. 

Evie is showing off this ornament that a Gburg family gave her when she was a baby.  

This is one of Terry's favorites that he brought back from China - Bruce Lee.  

When Terry came in after hanging the outdoor lights the room was beautifully complete. 

Terry made Samuel the engineer of the train, which he loved. Unfortunately, now Ezra has broken all three trains.

Go Samuel go! 

When Ezra got up from his nap he was mesmerized by the tree. His cute little smiles were so precious.  

Of course, since then, I've had to move a lot of the ornaments out of his reach. But somehow he's still be able to get the candy canes down and gnaw on them through the plastic even though they are like half way up the tree. Little stinker. 

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