Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had another delicious feast at my folks house for Thanksgiving this year. Ezra got to sit at the table this time instead of rolling around the floor, but didn't want to eat much. And Theo was busy fighting a nap so he wasn't at the table either. I forgot to take a picture of him and am sad about that. Steph and Steve couldn't come again so that was the only bummer :( The food was amazing!

We had to take the annual turkey leg photo before we dug in. I couldn't believe this was the third year we've done that - time flies. Here's last year and then two years ago
Also, I've forgotten to mention that his was Terry's first time participating in No-Save-November. I really like him with facial hair!

While the grown ups were busy cleaning up, the kids were busy making an even bigger mess with the toys. Ezra was showing off his impressive block stacking skills.  

He'd only stack a few blocks high before whacking them down in all directions and laughing about it. I haven't said here before that we call him the Attack Baby. He attacks everything, especially using his head.

I made this chocolate caramel pecan pie for dessert, which was super good. Still though, I prefer plain old corn syrup pecan pie.

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