Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We did my family's Thanksgiving a week early since we were all home. My sister and her husband, Stephanie and Steve, were in town from Utah for the first time since moving away in March. My brother and his wife, Nathan and Ana, also made the trip from the frozen tundra of Watertown, SD. I love having us all home, not to mention my mom's amazing cooking that is Thanksgiving dinner. 

Terry couldn't hold back on his turkey portion. I love Samuel's expression. It's like he's taking notes...

...about how NOT to eat a turkey. Check out how Samuel carefully attempted to use his fork and spoon to feed himself turkey after witnessing daddy's Viking tendencies emerge. Too much Brave and How to Train Your Dragon. Or it's my family's Norwegian genes getting the best of him.

Evie, however, followed in her dad's footsteps. Funny Noah caption? I can't think of one. 

After dinner while the troops cleaned up, mom entertained the kids with photo books until I became available to play their favorite after dinner Super Nintendo Game: Aladdin. 

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