Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall Retreat 2012

Directly after all the Box Maze insanity, Terry had our youth group's annual Fall Retreat to direct over the weekend (I had previously mentioned that we had been just a tad bit busy and I wasn't exaggerating.). Since we just moved back to this church in April, this was Terry's first time directing the Fall Retreat, but he had been the speaker back in 2010 when I was pregnant with Samuel.

So, the evening of Friday November 2nd was when the Fall Retreat began at the church with another run through the box maze and the destruction of said maze. Then they had a session and headed up to Camp Judson. After a night of very little sleep with 100+ kids hyped up on energy drinks and candy, they had more sessions and played lots more games. Here's Terry playing Barbarian.

Me and the kids were going a little stir crazy after the long week without daddy, so we headed up to camp for some human interaction. Samuel skipped his nap and we all had a good time running around with the students.

On Saturday night they played a game called Tron in the dark with glow sticks and glowing frisbees, like the movie. Sounds like it was a big hit. Another night of little sleep brought Sunday morning brunch and another session before heading home by lunch time. Here's the group, which included ours, the speaker's group from Wyoming, some from Hot Springs and a few from Terry's parents church. But actually, I think this was just our group pictured. Needless to say, Terry could hardly keep his eyes open when he got home. He also had a cold! We were so glad to have him home.

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