Monday, November 19, 2012

halloween 2012

I'm so far behind.

So, nearly 4 weeks ago, I dressed up the kids and took them out trick or treating on that Wednesday by myself. I've never had to do it alone before, but Terry was putting on his Box Maze at the church for Awana, middle schoolers and high schoolers. So we had dinner with him in his office and then took an hour's time walking about the church neighborhood before it was time for Awana and the Box Maze.
Noah wanted to be a Ninja turtle again like last year. Evie was Tinkerbell. Notice the cotton balls I super glued on her slippers? I was quite proud of that. And Samuel was a girly frog like Evie had been when she was a year younger than him in Gburg. He was mistaken for a girl, but he sure made a cute frog, even with pizza crust in his mouth.

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