Monday, November 26, 2012


The second weekend of November, Terry and I went to Melbourne, Florida for a get-away. Just the two of us! It was perfect timing since we had just finished being crazy busy.

I remember when Terry called me from work with the idea of going. Um, yes, please! Only a couple days later, when we hadn't even talked about it that much, he surprised me with a text that he had just registered us. Woo hoo! It didn't seem like it was really going to happen, despite buying the plane tickets, renting a car, reserving an extra night in Orlando, shopping for babysitting menus, etc.. So when we got up early on Friday morning to fog and then sat in the airport as they cancelled flight after flight, I thought maybe we weren't supposed to go at all (we were leaving a day early so we wouldn't be late). 

Thankfully, Saturday's weather was a tad clearer and we were able to get into the air right as it started snowing in Rapid. 

We made it to our hotel on the ocean just in time to have a last minute dinner before the evening session started. You see, we were going to a sessions because it was the EFCA Rebound 2012 Youth Worker Retreat. So that made the trip a little cheaper and encouraging to be with people who are in the same place in life.

We were quite exhausted after our day's travel but were so excited to see the ocean the following morning. I had never been that far east before, nor had I seen the Atlantic Ocean before. Excited much.

We loved our hotel:

We loved the ocean. I would have rather done more walking and relaxing than going to sessions, but it was still good. 
This was the view from our 8th floor room. The sound of the waves was just wonderful.

Here is the view directly down from our room. The pool and hot tub were great too - warmer than the ocean. But really, the ocean wasn't that cold. It took a little getting used to, but not like the Pacific, according to Terry.

Sunday afternoon was our first dip. Terry has more experience swimming in the ocean so he was a little more adventurous than I was...

Proof I was there! I'm always surprised how salty the ocean is. 

Drying out after swimming.

Here is a video of the ocean from our room.

But wait, there's more than just sitting on a beach.

Monday we weren't feeling so well. After both of us ate the hotel's powdered eggs, we both didn't feel so hot. We didn't even want to finish breakfast. I should have guessed something since I'm pretty much a bottomless pit right now due to pregnancy. But we didn't think anything of it. We pushed lunch back to like 2pm by which time I was starving and light headed. We went to Chic-Fil-A because we had never gone before. After one bite, both of us felt completely full and not that well. Not wanting to let our stomachs keep us down, we drove north to Cocoa Beach, which was supposed to be really nice (it was). It took me quite a while to gather courage to swim out beyond where the waves were breaking with Terry, but I finally did it. Even though neither of us felt well, it was a blast. 

Afterwards we had a nap, being exhausted. I thought I'd better eat something so we went out to dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant at like 830pm. One bite of that food and we were full and exhausted. We did not feel well at all. Furthermore, I couldn't sleep that night and ended up throwing up. Terry followed me. 

The next day was our last. We missed the final session and had to drive back to Orlando and get on our plane even though we had crampy bellies. By the time we got to Minneapolis, we both felt a little better and ate some food. Moral of the story? Say no to fake eggs? I dunno.

We had a good time in Florida, but were pretty happy to be home. I realized after we were back how incredibly good it was to have a break from everything here, despite a less than perfect trip.

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  1. That's so awesome! I'm so glad that y'all were able to go to Floriday. But sad that your first Chick-Fil-A experience will be forever tied with the stomach bug. That's a total bummer.