Wednesday, November 7, 2012

carving pumpkins 2012

I haven't blogged for over two weeks. Guess it's been slow around here. Well, that's just not true. I just need to take more photos. I'm getting lazy!

So the day before Halloween we finally got around to carving the kids' pumpkins. Well, not Samuel's because we ran out of time. Terry was very busy last week owing to the huge Halloween box maze at church that he constructed and the Fall Retreat he planned for last weekend. Phew! 

So he and Noah and Evie carved their pumpkins. By that I mean the kids drew silly faces and Terry carved them up as best he could.

She is so pretty if I do say so myself.

Samuel's like, "BALL!" That's all he cares about.

The older two do not care for the icky insides of the pumpkin, as we saw last year (but, Noah surprised us by remembering Terry's lesson about how carving a pumpkin is like salvation!). Samuel on the other hand, was most intrigued with the icky pumpkin insides. He started grabbing handfuls of long pumpkin innards and cramming them in his mouth. He tried to slow him down but he did have a few mouthfuls. I will just say there were some serious repercussions in his diaper the next day. Diaper rash city!

Here's the only photo I got of one of the completed pumpkins - Noah's I think. Samuel is wanting to eat more I'm sure.

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