Sunday, October 15, 2017

kitty pics, pumpkins, my haircut

Upon hearing that we had just got a cat, a friend brought us over some of their unused cat toys. Suffice it to say, our little killer loved them. Ha! Thanks Roberta!

All that playing sure tuckers a kitty out. He likes laying in the sun by the back door but he doesn't like going outside too much yet. We'll keep trying though. Kitty doesn't want to give up his cush life indoors after being a stray and then a shelter cat. 

Last Wednesday, October 4, Terry's dad brought over his customary Halloween pumpkins. 

Usually the kitty gets rather feisty at night right around the time that Luna wants to go to sleep but this particular night he left her alone and they snuggled all cute together.

The following day, Thursday, when we returned from homeschool coop, we spent the afternoon in the backyard watching some Inmates plant lilac bushes along the new road on the National Guard land behind our house. I hope they live. It'd be nice for them to get big and fill in that empty space that used to be so beautiful.  

That evening Ezra had lulled the kitty into submission again and he just laid there on Ezzie's lap with his huge belly hanging out. This just cracks me up.

Before we went to bed that night I had Terry take one last picture of my long hair before I cut it off the following morning. No more French braids for me! I'd been growing it out for several years, ever since Ezra was a baby, but it seemed to be getting thinner and thinner. I was tired of it falling out all the time, plus the ends were getting raggedy. I was just plain tired of it and wanted a change. Time to bring on the bob!

I cut off more than a foot I think! The middle portion of my ponytail fell out so it wasn't as thick as it should've been, but this is the general idea. I donated it to the Loreal Beautiful Lengths since they only required 8 inches and I wasn't sure how long it was since it sort of got pulled around a bit. 

Boom baby!

I LOVE it. Man, it was so long.

I just look better with short hair. My face is so long and horse-ish that it looks better framed with short hair. 

a lazy weekend

I don't know what it was, but the weekend after D2S Live found us extremely tired. Maybe we needed to catch up on rest from a nonstop previous weekend and week, but Evie was legitimately sick. Terry and I had prayer group that Saturday morning, September 30, at 7am, and we could just not bounce back. So we laid around all morning.

See the poor sick Evie? I caught her cold a week later and it really knocked me down too.

Some snuggling selfies with Samuel happened little later. 

I don't know what I was thinking, but while Terry (and Noah) were gone for some forgotten reason that afternoon, I discovered some previously unknown energy and took the littles and Luna on a walk that turned into a two mile run. Evie stayed home to rest. We were pretty darn tired out when we returned home.

I went into the back yard to stretch and discovered that all the flowers and butterflies were so beautiful. I ran around taking pictures. My pretty zinnias.

I believe the butterflies were painted ladies and not monarchs... 

Look at her blue/teal furry body!!! 

I could even see her little tongue proboscis! 

Zinnias from the other side. 

Zinnias from above. Now in mid-October my pretties are all dead. :(

I discovered that our first cantaloupe garden crop was doing pretty amazing. 

Look at those melons! Even one nestled in the bush by Noah's window! Oh and let me tell you they were delicious. So juicy and flavorful.

The following day, Sunday, was a weird one. Evie had a fever and didn't feel well enough for church. I felt very strange too - dizzy, feverish, so very tired - so we both stayed home from church. Right before everyone came back from Pizza Ranch we introduced Trouncer the kitty to the great outdoors, otherwise known as our backyard. 
Check out our large carrot crop he's running next to. Home grown carrots are rather yummy too.

Trouncer loved it. I had to block up all the exits out of the yard since I didn't want him to escape yet before he knew where he was and could make his way home. I would like him to be a part time outdoor cat but since this excursion, he's not very excited about playing outside. Maybe because Luna always chases him like crazy. Maybe he needs to be a little older. 

He rather enjoyed rolling in the dry dirt under the corner lilac bush. 

My flower gardens were not as beautiful as last year, perhaps because it was such a dry year and perhaps because they took a major hail hit in August, but finally in September everything was blooming and pretty.  

Evie took on the role of a French cook, complete with accent, and prepared a special plant dish for the kitty to eat. He sniffed at it. 

He didn't eat any like she was hoping but he did get some stuck on his lips. Ha! 

Bright yellow eyes.

The kitty had escaped out the back door a few times previously and gone straight over to this deck post to scratch and climb. That's one way to get away from the dog. 

Dumb cat just has to learn how to keep away from an overly playful puppy. 

We kept a close eye on the kitty. 

Playing by my irises. 

Back in that dirt. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

D2S Live 2017

Saturday, September 23, 2017 was our first ever Rapid City Dare 2 Share Live. Usually we go to Denver for this February or March conference, and before that when we were in Gburg, it was Lincoln. But D2S is putting more emphasis on their summer week long conferences, Lead the Cause, and trying to get youth groups involved in their local communities. It's a good idea. So for the first time ever, we did not travel more than five minutes for D2S and instead went just down the road to South Canyon Baptist where Terry had partnered with youth pastor friend Josh and Sonny and others. Terry was the emcee for the event so he was in charge of being up front (and a lot of other things).

Our worship band consisted of Parkview's Russ, Denise, and David along with South Canyon's Kevin and Danae and another guy I didn't meet. 

I was the photographer and gopher.  

I like being the photographer. 

Zane, aka Zeb, with Madison and Katrina during one of the first breaks.

Terry getting to know Autumn. 

Sarah, Dylan, and Silas.  

Asher and Noah and behind them Hannah, Emma, Zeah and Jonah. It was Noah's (and Asher's) first year attending as a 7th grader. It's crazy that he's old enough to go since he was only three years old when Terry first started going in 2008. Wow.

What a wonderful group of leaders we have! Pictured here is Jordyn, Katrina, Jazmin, Zoe, and Madison. I guess I can include the blur that is Zeb behind them. Ha! But seriously, we are so dang thankful for our leaders. They are fantastic! And actually, I was texting my brother back and forth about our D2S Live experiences and was telling him about how great our leaders are when I accidentally sent the text to our leaders instead of to Nathan! Ah! I was mortified. It was a happy accident since I unknowingly encouraged them by mistake. So so thankful for all of them!

Later in the morning we started getting trained by Propaganda how to share the GOSPEL. It was good to have him back. We LOVE his Gospel video... 

God created us to be with Him.
Our sins separate us from Him.
Sins cannot be removed with good deeds.
Paying the price Jesus died and rose again.
Everyone who trust in Him along has eternal life.
Life with Jesus starts now and lasts forever!
WATCH THIS VDEO. It's amazing.

Zane Black was prepping us as well. Of course it wasn't the same as being there live but it was neat to be in our own communities and to not have to travel. But then again, traveling is a lot of what made D2S so great for the students in the past. 

Once the Denver D2S guys were finished Terry took over the practicing of the GOSPEL. He and our four kids had painted those letters for this event. They were so proud.

Then everyone found a partner to practice having a spiritual conversation and sharing the GOSPEL.

There's little Noah and Asher. Awww! Ha ha.

Jaz and Zeah and others.

Katrina and Mia, Zoe, Denise, Abby, David, Samuel, Isaac...

Madison and Autumn, Silas.

Kevin has done such an amazing job at that church.

From there we split up into the groups Terry put everyone in and the leaders drove their students to the neighborhood over by our church. Once there we followed the maps that he had made for us, and went door to door at the houses he had already previously let know we would be by to collect donated food for Love Inc., and then to hopefully have a spiritual conversation. We collected many many more food items than conversations, but everyone at least attempted and since that is the hardest part, it was a success. Below is Terry and Madison.

Silas, Zoe, and Autumn were the others in our car.

Here is Noah, Matt, Dylan, and Carter. It totally rained while we were out.

Pete, Alex, Brian, Asher, and Isaac.

Little Alex getting some practice in. So cute.

We went over to the church and found that two or three other groups had finished at the new apartments east of the church and we made a plan on what to do next - some went to an untouched neighborhood near South Canyon and some went back to the church.

David put his face in at just the wrong moment. Ha ha ha!

Denise is talking to Zoe in our vehicle while Hannah hugs Jazmin behind her.

Look at all that donated food!

Aaron and his apologetic group had a set up there too. 

I thought this Are You a Good Person question was clever. There was a magnet behind it so you could only choose No. Ha!

The worship band hanging out. They were so great.

One last session to finish off the day. Overall everything went very well! Plus, from my perspective, it's nice to have D2S done for the year and not have to do a long, exhausting weekend away. But then again, that's always been good for the students. So we'll see. But again, it was a good first run.