Friday, May 19, 2017

twinzies prank!

On Saturday May 6 we awoke to find we had been pranked once again

Terry had an elder meeting at eight and Noah had got up with him for a little early for a run. When I came down shortly thereafter, it was to find Noah sitting on one of those deck chairs, amidst all these streamers and balloons like it was no thing, just a normal day on the deck. Ha! Terry said that his car had been window painted with the words, Proud Parents, Yay estrogen, and Yay testosterone. 

Pretty funny. Many people who drove by did so slowly to figure out what was going on and our neighbor asked Noah if we were going to have more babies. In fact, I got a congratulations text from a friend who misread my facebook caption of the prank and thought it was for real. Ha!

While he was cleaning it off, Natasha drove by. But when she saw Terry, she sped up and zoomed past the house in order to avoid being seen. It backfired because who will you notice more, someone casually driving up your road or someone flying your hair back at ungodly speeds? Despite her obvious speed, Terry clearly saw a giant grin on her face. By the time he got his car cleaned and pulled off our street, he saw Natasha  driving by again, pretending not to notice him (she also had a meeting at the church at 8). Emma and Jazmin made the same mistake last time - I saw them with my own eyes then too. Amateurs.

But even before Terry told me this, I knew Natasha was responsible in part. It was her birthday the night before and whenever she has friends over our house gets pranked, like last September or the time before that when they showed up with silly string at our front door and we sprayed them with the hose. Both incidents took place when Natasha had friends over. I just knew in my mind that Jazmin, Emma, Prae, and Zoe were involved. All their mothers more or less confirmed this, along with my secret eyewitness. I figured Prae was the mastermind since this was pretty clever, however, it was all down to EMMA! What was news to me was that KATRINA (newly known as K-Train) took part as well! I mentor her and she does this to me?!! Gasp!

My favorite part of their prank was these little girl and boy doll shoes they had lined up at our front door. Apparently there were twins in my belly that even I didn't know about, a boy and a girl. 

The garage door had two banners, "IT'S A BOY" and "IT'S A GIRL," along with it written on the windows and decorated with streamers and balloons.

What it looked like just before the kids took the balloons off. I was so glad I had waited to plant anything in that front flower bed because it would have been completely stomped to death after this.

I had dug up my old pink hydrangeas the previous week and waited to plant new ones, thankfully, until later that day.

 Streamers and baby shower plates from the corner of the house.

A closer look at the plates.

The full picture. 

Even the New Yorker was hit.

"Jesus take the wheel, take it from my hands." Sing it Carrie Underwood. 

This side announced a boy. 

This side for the girl. 

Yay indeed for twinzies! 

Mummy mailbox.

Nice one girls!

tubing on the creek

Two weeks ago on May 5 we were invited up to our friend's Marianne and Kenroy's place to hang out. We brought our swimsuits since they have Rapid Creek running through their backyard. Honestly, I didn't think the kids would do more than get their feet wet, but for only Ezra did that prove true. He prefers to throw rocks.

They had these heavy duty inner tubes that we used to float down the creek. Noah and Evie went first and then Samuel. Poor guy was unbalanced and didn't have a very good grip though...

He's about to fall off! He's not a swimmer yet and I was quite alarmed when he fell shortly after, but it was shallow enough that he just bounced right back up. Plus Terry was nearby.  

Thereafter daddy went with the littles in a bigger tube. 

Noah and Evie, mostly Evie, continued to use the purple tube. 

Much safer this way. 

Lazy river-like. 

The olders had a few turns in the big one as well.  

Noah had been sitting here in the middle of the creek when Ezra threw a rock and hit his head. I thought it was accidental but Noah was convinced it wasn't and was understandably mad for quite some time afterwards. Ezra can be so naughty! But I was struck by how grown up Noah looked out there. Maybe because he didn't have his glasses on? He is twelve now! 

It was an absolutely idyllic afternoon, 80 degrees with warm sun playing on the water. Ahhhh.  

More of that big boy. 

Ezra is fishing with his stick. 

I waded across the creek to try to get a different view. 

Panoramic view. 

Fun times!

Samuel liked to stay in the shallow water and catch the tubes :D 

Samuel trying to splash Daddy and Evie and I think he got Noah.  

I'd like living next to a creek. Maybe one not so deep since I'd worry constantly about the kids. But I just love moving water. 


The water wasn't quite as cold as our last foray at the beginning of April, but still, in South Dakota, it was definitely not warm. Evie insisted on going under though. Counting down...


There she goes! 

Crazy girl. She loved it. 

More lazy fishing. 

After nearly an hour and a half we went up onto the deck and the kids washed off, then got to soak in the hot tub while we made pizza. 

Seriously, this was a perfect afternoon and exactly what we all needed. We enjoyed it so much. 

Their view of the creek. I spent most of my time on those big boulders taking pictures. 

I love Marianne so much!!! 

We all had a fantastic time.

We got home and I was surprised to see that our apple tree had finally blossomed. It's skipped two years instead of what we thought was the usual one. Yay for apples! And yay for beautiful days with good company. :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

awana awards 2017

Wednesday May 3 was Awana Awards night. It was Noah's first year of not participating since he was in youth group but on the other hand it was Ezra's first year of Cubbies. 

They started out awarding the Cubbies. The first five or so kids they called up weren't there so when they called Ezra's name, he was the first kid to actually go up and therefore got some applause. 

Ezra on the bottom row. He did pretty well this year. Terry worked with the littles on their verses and I was impressed that a three year old could retain anything. He can speak better than Samuel could at that ago though of course. Ha ha. 

Next up were the Sparks and Samuel. He made some real strides this year in language and memorization. He's in the top middle row.

The whole Sparkies group. 

Grace is pictured here in the bottom right. 

Evie liked to save her memorizing for Wednesday afternoons so I have no idea how she could do it. She set a lot of verses to her own little songs or wrote them down but that still doesn't seem like real memorization to me. Next year I'll try to get her to be more consistent. She did very well though and wished she could progress quicker through her book. 

The lighting is terrible in the sanctuary but here is Evie's whole group. 

Terry was in and out of the entire ceremony since youth group was still going on in the cafe court. We hung out a bit afterwards and Ezra got to play some box hockey with daddy.