Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas cookie failures

The weekend before Christmas I finally got around to making Christmas cookies so we could give some to the neighbors along with a book. It didn't go well for me. Perhaps because I seem to do it only every other year  (2012 and 2014), I forget how the cookie press works and was failing miserably. I was getting so angry I was about to toss the whole thing in the garbage when Terry rescued me. Apparently I had been pressing down two or three clicks and only one was necessary. Thank goodness for a smart husband! 

Grace had been over to sled for a bit that afternoon and since the boys were more interested in their weekend video games, the girls had the decorating to themselves.

The cookies turned out lovely after Terry took over. What's funny about my failure was that it was my third Christmas cookie mess-up in a week. Earlier in the week I attempted fudge for small group for the first time since 2009 and when I added the chocolate in to the sugar mixture, it seized up. It looked more like hamburger than smooth fudge. Sickened I just put it in the prepared dish and called it good. It was all crumbly but still tasted great. 

Next I made peanut butter balls, Terry's absolute favorite. The chocolate began seizing up when I added it again! I was able to save it by adding some boiling water, but then it was more melty than it should have been. They still worked. 

This solution gave me an idea. Maybe I could still save my fudge if I added boiling water to it. It worked initially. But after days and days in the freezer, it never solidified. Instead it stayed the consistency of hot fudge. Though we had some spoonfuls over the break, I put all the fudge in freezer containers for adding to ice cream. Man, I don't know if I'll ever have the heart to make Christmas treats again!

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