Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Luna inside

When we put Evie to bed the day we first got Luna, she was sad the day was over and simply couldn't wait for the following day to arrive so she could play with Luna more. So the next day, Saturday January seventh, that's exactly what they did. 
Playing after breakfast in pajamas

Fetch Luna! She has since stripped this ball of its furry covering.

Luna kisses. It's about time we had another girl in the house! 

Luna the cat-dog prefers to sit on your lap. She loves the kids - they're her new brothers and sister.

We had the kitchen area barricaded with chairs but Luna, who had just a few days before been separated from her litter, cried and cried if she was left alone in the kitchen. Plus, we had discovered she would mess on the floor when no one was present. So that night when the kids went to bed, we discovered it was also Luna's bedtime and let her hang out with us on the couch. 

The following night Jazmin and Natasha were dying to see the new puppy so they came over for about a hour. Jazmin famously hates all kinds of pets and used to jump every single time Snap came around her. It was hilarious. Not only did she think Luna was cute but she even condescended to hold her!

Natasha is a cat person but since Luna acts like one it worked out well. 

That night I again let Luna sit with me in the living room after the kids had gone to bed. Had to send a selfie smelfie to my family :D 

Perhaps those trips to the living room were a bad idea because Luna soon figured out how to jump over the chairs we had set up if she was alone for even a moment or the kids walked by. Therefore we had to come up with a different barricade system... This however was a bust. It was a bad, bad day. I had to start school with the kids that morning and it was incredibly annoying for all of us to have to continually climb over the fence, which required first climbing on a couple chairs (because she could also climb over the fences). Then we ended up just staying in the kitchen area for most of the day which was a sure fire way for mommy to get stir crazy and irritated. The following day we instituted the leash and took down the contraption. Luna was kept on a leash in the kitchen except for after she had just gone potty outside. She peed on the carpet a few times and proved that she was not to be trusted off the leash. It's nearly three weeks later now and we are still having to keep this arrangement. This too shall pass.

Two days later, after Luna had peed outside, we let her play fetch in the living room for a few minutes. She was so incredibly cute that I took a bunch of photos and videos.

A few cell phone pictures first...


Waiting for the ball to be thrown.

So demure...

"Luna! Luna! Look over here!"

"Never mind, I'll move." Dawwww. Notice the blue fuzz in her mouth? Lol.

I'd get down right in front of her to get a shot and she'd pounce on me. Terry said this was a Luna-ttack. Ha!

Real camera!

I love her ears the most!

Evie and her baby.

Going in for a kiss?...or a bite...

Chewing her dino friend while also eyeing the ball. He he he.

Incoming ball amid a snuggling Evie.

Okay. Seriously she looks like a stuffed animal here.


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