Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas Storybook 2016

The evening of the day we put Snap to rest at the ranch, we ventured out to Storybook Island to see their Christmas lights. We missed last year and had been holding back again since it had been absolutely frigid. It's always cold though. Brrrr. 

We went with Shari and Jesse and the cousins.

Someone was kind enough to take our complete family photo in Pooh's tunnel. 

Pooh's house with Grace, Samuel, Noah and Evie. 

I tried to duplicate a cool photo I took two years ago but it's not as good. 

We've had snow on the ground, unmelted, for over a month, which is strange for our area. Pretty Wizard of Oz lights. 

We splurged and let all the kids ride the train. 

Jesse rode with Sarah. I'm not sure where Samuel sat! 

I would have been incredibly excited to do this as a kid. 

It was all beautiful. But our toes were frozen. 

We walked quickly through the last area, took one last photo, and hurried home to the warmth. 

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