Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas Eve 2016

We had my family's Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve, which was a Saturday. Nathan and Ana had been staying with us Wednesday and my folks came over as well. We were only missing Steph and Steve and Snap dog.

Earlier in the day we just hung around together. Thorin is a giant lovable child. He really helped us after Snap died.

The boys with their tools. Sometimes they got along together, mostly Ezra and Theo.

Elin was stinking adorable.

No one really wanted to make a huge feast so we opted for pizza. Perfect! And YUM!

The kids were all quite squirrely while they waited for the adults to eat and clean up. As a kid we always celebrated with my dad's side of the family on Christmas Eve and I remember so clearly the impatience and excitement. Those aunts always took forever to wash dishes!
Theo and Ezra got along occasionally, and were playing guns on the stairs at this point.

Finally all was ready (we were watching A New Hope after seeing Rogue One the week before). 

We took some family pictures before opening gifts. I like Theo yelling at Elin and her looking on all sweetly. Also, I was quite enjoying Thorin in Snap's absence.  

Noah and Evie are the only kids who can read so they pass out the gifts.

My folks examining the photo book they already know is wrapped in there - I make one every year. 

Nice smile from my brother. 

Mom crocheted these adorable Mary Jane's for Elin.

My sister sent all the kids slippers. The monster/dragon feet were perfect for Ezra. He loves them.

 Samuel's Big Foot slips.

We gave our kids only one gift from us to open that night (saving them for the following morning) and here Ezra is clutching it. I was laughing b/c it's already half way open and you can see the pajamas slipping out but he didn't know. 

Elin modeling, and tasting, the hair bow we got her. 

Inspecting Evie's gift from my folks. 

Like I said on Facebook, these boy cousins were jumping, rolling, and swimming through the wrapping paper like gold on Duck Tales. Ha! 

Opening the grandparent's gift - Magnatiles. That was a winner.

Decked out in their new pajamas and slippers, more than ready for Christmas morning. 

The snow did start falling and the wind was blowing so it finally looked like a proper blizzard.

So pretty down the street. Perfect Christmas Eve.

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