Wednesday, January 18, 2017

a new puppy

As I've already posted, our miniature schnauzer dog Snap died four days before Christmas and Nathan, Ana, Theo, Elin, and their goldendoodle Thorin helped to fill his gap. However, when they left one week after Snap died, December 28, I knew it would be extra quiet in the house and it certainly was. Since we didn't have school to keep me busy, what was I to do but hop on the internet and browse for new dog ideas? 

In the summer of 2015 I had fallen in love with Thorin when he was a seven week old puppy, but he grew up and his size was difficult to handle (he's such a good dog though, and so soft!). Since goldendoodles are half standard poodle and half golden retriever, I had the thought, "Why couldn't they cross the golden with a miniature poodle?" and I looked up the possibility. Sure enough, miniature goldendoodles were a thing and I wasn't the first person to think of them. During my search I found a breeder in northeast South Dakota that happened to sell them. I pinned their website to Pinterest and tucked away the idea in my mind should we ever need a new dog. 

Fast forward a year and a half, and we were indeed in need of a new dog. A google search reminded me of the breeder I had already found and I sent them off an email (and to a few others in Iowa), reassuring Terry that I was just looking into it, curious. Low and behold they all emailed me back fairly quickly. The Iowa breeders wanted $1,800 and $2,300 for their puppies! Outrageous!!! However, the SD breeder's price was much less ridiculous, but still out of our price range, except for one girl puppy labeled "homely" due to her longer poodle nose and the fact that she "wasn't as cute" as the other puppies and was therefore getting passed over.

Since they were seven hours away, there was no chance of us driving all that way just to take a look. If we were going to get this puppy, we'd have to make up our mind based only on pictures, video, and reputation. For the next several days I emailed and texted back and forth, called their vet, researched some more, and had all my questions answered. The problem was that their power was out due to the Christmas ice storm. Finally it came back on and we got some photos.

And a video. 

The puppy's mother was Scooper, the yellow one on the left. She was a "f1" goldendoodle, meaning she was a cross between a mini-poodle and a golden. 

The puppy's father was this mini-poodle. This meant that the puppy was an "f1b" mini-goldendoodle, 75% mini-poodle and 25% golden retriever.

 A friend's uncle and cousin owned four of this breeder's dogs, they loved them so much. They had great things to say about the breeder. No longer was I in doubt that this was a questionable idea.

Snap was pretty much the ideal sized dog for us weighing in around 25 pounds. These mini-goldendoodles full grown weight is approximately 20 pounds. A mini-Thorin!!! Ideal!

That weekend while Terry was away for the New Year's Eve youth group lock in, I showed the kids the pictures and video of the puppy. They loved her and wanted her...big time.

We took the weekend to think it over and decided to go for it. What made it work was that the breeder's daughter had a prearranged trip west river and was willing to bring the puppy to us. Score! We spent the following week preparing for the new puppy's arrival. The kids were counting down, especially Evie who every morning was like, "Only two more days!...One more day!" We went shopping the day before to get some puppy supplies.

Friday morning, December 6 finally dawned. The kids were beside themselves with excitement, even playing in the kennel that I had spotlessly cleaned earlier in the week.

Finally noon came and we met the daughter at the mall where we picked up the puppy. I took the puppy from her and was struck by how small she was! She seemed bigger in the photos and video! And she was so meek, calm, and quiet! After visiting a bit, we finally got in the van and drove to my parents house, the kids freaking out the whole time. Evie finally got to hold her when we arrived. 

Those are some happy kids! 

There's her cute face...and "homely" nose. Ha! We don't think she's homely at all. 

We stayed for only like five minutes since my dad's dog Bo was freaking her out, plus she needed to pee, eat, and drink. But my mom sure loved her.

And so did my dad. 

How at how cuddly she was already! 

I let Evie hold her on the way home. 

The first thing we did when we arrived home was take her outside to potty. I think she even went!

So little and so cute! 

We put chairs down on the floor to block off the carpeted living room and keep her in the kitchen/dining room since that was the only non-carpeted area in the house. We all sat down and got to know her. She fetched ball for us right away and we were ecstatic (Snap had never been interested in fetch). Then she bounded around giving each of us puppy kisses!

So cute! 

Then we gave her a bath. I don't think she had ever had one. She was 13 weeks old. So skinny compared to Snap! 

The kids went to play their games and Terry and I snuggled her. 

She was so fluffy after that bath!

Puppy selfie! I think she looks like a stuffed animal here.

She is a dog-cat. She loves to be snuggled up on my lap. 

Then there was more fetch. Daw!

And more pottying. Go puppy go!

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