Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Evie's lists

The weekend before Christmas break, we had many things to get ready for, so Evie made a to-do list. I was just about to throw it away but am glad I took a look and a picture before I did so. It's like a day in the life of Evie. Hilarious.

My favorites are these:

1. "Challenge: be nice to brothers."  Ha!
2. "Be nice to Snap for a whole day."  This is bittersweet since he died three days later.
3. "be nice to brothers."  She crossed this out after Samuel said she was a mean girl, something she added at the very bottom with many arrows pointing at it. Oh the feelings of an eight year old girl. Thankfully daddy talked her down.
4. "have hot [crossed out] chocolate."  She likes it cold and never remembers it's called plain "chocolate milk.
5. "calm down Noah."  I don't know what the story is behind this, but it's something we say often.
6. The two about wrapping was about the tacky Christmas gifts we were giving for a party.
7. "do recital song in front of old people."  Geesh, what a nice way to put that Evie! They performed their Christmas recital songs at a retirement home that weekend.

Here is Evie's Christmas Wish List from this last year, 2016.

She started out with only the purple items because she was trying to not ask for much. But as time went on, she thought of more and more that she added in pen. She crossed out "Pickachu stuft animal and pokemon booster packs" probably because she was trying not to be greedy, but added them again below. I liked how she crossed out that she'd just see what she got for Christmas and in fact wrote "ignore that." Nope, she was gonna tell us what she wanted after all. She did get to go to "everybodys Bookstore" but didn't find the fairy books she was looking for. I love that she added "find fluffy" at the bottom because though she's never found it, we got her a new one. 

This note is from back in June and is probably the first time I remember seeing her making a to-do list.

A year before that, in 2015, here was her birthday list. I love her valiant attempt at spelling. So cute.
You can figure out everything except maybe number five, Jewel stickers, and number eight, A green jewel bracelet from Who's (the toystore). 

I found this list on facebook from March 2015 from a trip to the library.
Jazmine, Cindarella, Berenstain Bears!

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