Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Christmas piano recital

The weekend before Christmas was the kids' winter piano recital. Perhaps it's more of a performance since the songs are short and it goes very quickly. Noah was one of the first kids to go.

He had been extremely anxious and angry before that he couldn't get it perfect, but he really did well. Seriously Noah, good job!

Noah's performance of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day."

Mrs. Kathy has them perform at a retirement home near the church. The turnout was less in number than last year but our church had just been there the week or so before with the preschoolers who s sang their Christmas songs. Perhaps because there were significantly less people, I felt super awkward taking photos. I only snapped a few and felt like everyone's eyes were on me and that I was distracting. I quickly sat down.

Here's Kathy introducing Evie. 

Go Evie go! 

She was very proud of her song and as I said in the Christmas program post, this girl just loves to perform! Look at her little "curtsy." Hehehehe. She sort of forgot how to do it and kind of just squatted! 

Evie performs "Carol of the Bells."

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