Friday, December 9, 2016

first snow 2016

The day after we harvested our carrots, our weirdly warm fall weather finally, sadly, came to an end with the first snowfall. The kids were beyond excited. Noah had actually been worried about global warming until I showed him a video explaining the truth about it.

I much prefer the look of the brown road behind our house when it's covered in snow. It almost looks like it's not there.

We only got a few inches but that didn't stop the kids from staying out until dark.

I hiked up the hill for one last sunset. Not much of one. Ha!

Ezra is another year older and much more able out in the snow.

The following day dawned bright and clear, though windy and cold. The kids were dying to sled so we packed up to try an actual real hill - the one at Meadowbrook Elementary in the neighborhood my grandparents used to live.


Samuel and his look of glee.

One, two, three, GO!

Even daddy enjoyed himself.

Noah went down every way he could think of.

It was a beautiful day, though very cold!

I mostly wandered around taking photos. Shadow me.

I walked over to some rocks on the edge of the hill and when I turned around I called to all the kids to wait so I could take a video of them all. I caught the moment when Terry went over a bit of a bowl and sort of dropped his weight inside of it. It compressed his back pretty bad and he yelled out in pain. You can hear the poor guy groaning! A couple chiropractor visits were necessary.

That didn't really stop him from continuing on though.

Finally when we were about to leave I took a turn.

We had to leave when the school kids came out for recess. They were drawn to us and were getting in trouble. There's no school like homeschool!!!

Our piano teacher's daughter, Amanda, had previously told us about "the best hill in Rapid City" across the street from her house. She and her mom had told us how we could come over and sled any time we wanted so that's what we did next.

Headed to the three level hill. It was huge.

Beard-cicles. Well, maybe mustache-cicles.

There wasn't enough snow we we had to sort of push ourselves along like Samuel's doing.

I don't remember why Ezra was crying but it was no big deal. Ha!

See, he was fine.

It was quite the hike to get to the top hill.

Mommy took another turn.

My pretty girl.

All done! We can't wait to go again. Just need more snow...

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