Thursday, December 15, 2016

tree hunting 2016

The day after Thanksgiving we loaded up in the Envoy the first thing in the morning and drove west from our house, not far at all, and found the perfect Christmas tree.

This was our third visit up Nemo Road (2014 and 2015) and apparently the third time is a charm because we found the best tree yet. I love going up there. So close and so beautiful.

We started out on the north side of the road but wasn't convinced by any of the trees we saw. 

So we crossed the road and went into the trees to the south and walked around for a while. 

We posed next to dead trees. 

We posed on top of dead trees.

And we hit trees. 

We walked past trees.

I took pictures of cool trees. Basically, a lot of trees.

We were underwhelmed by the trees to the south so Terry crossed back over the road to compare a tree we had been considering before. He found an even better one while he was gone, and when he showed me just the picture of it on his phone, I knew it was the one. It looked like a tree farm tree! Black Hills spruce trees aren't usually full, much less having branches growing upwards instead of horizontal. As a plus, it was pretty narrow, which is always nice.


Shivering Snap dog. 

Terry let Samuel saw a little.

But Noah ended up doing most of it. 

I wandered around taking in the pretty view.

So beautiful. I love living here. 


Time to walk back to the Envoy. This was the first year without snow so that made the whole thing easier. 

Walking and more walking. 

This pose has become a tradition. 

As has the lineup on the bridge. 


Butt shot. 

More pretties.

The kids threw rocks into the creek to break the ice while Terry loaded up the tree. 


Lovely creek. 

Four kids in a row. 

This has also become tradition. Noah no longer says it's disgusting, he just accepts it. 

I like it like this. 

Hey, there are our faces. 

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