Tuesday, December 22, 2015

tree hunting 2015

The day after Thanksgiving we went right out and hunted for our Christmas tree. I love living in the Black Hills! We went to the same place as last year up Nemo Road but didn't find as perfect of a tree. Still a good though.

Here we are having just got out of the van. Newish snow and cold weather. I felt pretty bad for snap's paws.

Heading down the highway to find the next available perfect tree.

How about these? 

Shrugs. "I dunno mom." 

We were coming to the end of the line of trees and still hadn't found "the one." 

Got some pretty pictures though. 

We finally decided on this one down the bank. Difficult to get to and examine.  

We went for it though.  

We swapped me out but since we're wearing the same color coat it's not very noticeable.  

Headed back up the highway. 

I made the kids pose while Terry tied the tree down. Ezra lost a mitten down on the ice below after this.

So pretty up there. 

Looking west up Nemo Road.

And east. 

We had Noah take our photo. 

This is becoming an annual kiss. Last time Noah said it was disgusting. I think Evie said "Ew," this year.

And the family shot. 

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