Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 Children's Christmas program

On December 6, the kids had their church Christmas program. They worked so very hard on it and couldn't wait to perform. We all dressed up and had Jazmin take our photo before Sunday school began.

Ezra's two year old class went first. My favorite part was when Ezra put the manger on the flannel board upside down like he was totally sure that's how it was supposed to go. He just slammed it decisively down. His teacher told me he consistently did that when they practiced so perhaps he really did think it went like that. 

The little girl that went after him had to turn it right side up to put baby Jesus in the manger. We can't have baby Jesus falling out of the manger.

Ezra sat with us when he was done. Usually he's in the nursery so this was a test to see how he'd do.  

He started fussing right away. The candy cane kept him happy for about five minutes and then he had to go to the nursery. Maybe next year dude. 

Cute little Sah-muel.

He's got amazing eyelashes. 

Evie was the most excited; she'd practiced for us at home. She was totally depressed when it was over. I guess she loves to perform! Perhaps she needs to be in dance class or something next year...

Noah was Joseph in the play. He didn't have any lines but apparently he knew them all since he was gesturing to people when they forgot. Ha! 

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