Saturday, December 26, 2015

the many faces of Evie II

We got out our old camera last week in order to video the kids' Christmas program and discovered these photos gems that Noah took back in September. He photographed all the kids playing on the trampoline, but especially Evie. She's everyone's favorite because she's so fun to play with! His pictures of her reminded me of a post I did several years ago detailing Evie's many silly faces. She's not changed much, except she's even more expressive, and bigger :( So so silly. And so sad. Stop growing!

It's hard to see, but I couldn't leave it out. Trampolines are so much fun, especially when you're being photographed.

She's so fierce.

"OH. MY. GOSH." 
If there's one sound that defines Evie, it's her sharp intake of breath indicating surprise. She does it all the stinking time and this is what it looks like.

She's king of the Samuel! Poor kid. Doesn't look like he minds much.

That hair. And she wonders why I make her brush her hair several times a day (she has to do it every time she uses the restroom). If you haven't heard of The Wet Brush, it's a life saver. 

She's not impressed. 
Also, this wild hair reminded me of when she was a wee little toddler playing on the tramp with daddy and Steph took her crazy haired picture.  

Nice teeth. She's since lost that straggly front tooth and they're both very slowly coming in.  

Stinky brothers. 

"Mine is the evil laugh!"

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