Thursday, January 3, 2013

the many faces of Evie

My cute little Evangeline. Little squishy squirrel. She is so funny. And it's different from her brother's humor. His is more...practiced and crazy and manic. Evie's humor is more unexpected, original, genuine - like she doesn't know how funny she is. I was upset at her a while back at dinner for something but she turned it around by saying something funny and then all the sudden I was trying not to laugh at her! I smirked at Terry and then both of us were trying not to smile. That's Evie.

It's too bad that I have to start out this photo montage like this, but I like to do things chronologically. This photo was the first up. What a crazy girl! Daddy was playing with the new camera and she was jumping on the ottoman to give him something to take photos of. But also, it looks like she could be pretending to be a cat - you can tell by the vague far-away look in her eyes. She's been playing cat constantly lately. "Mom-my, I'm a cat. Call me Jewel." That's the name she made up. Originality again.

I am not sure what happened in this photo. She's either injured (oops. but hey, i wasn't even there.) or she's just extra wacky. Or she's constipated...

Run away quickly! Before she eats us all!

Here is what she looks like when she doesn't know there's a camera pointed at her. And what a good brother Noah was for pushing her on the Plasma Car (or perhaps she threatened to eat him too).

I think this one is my favorite. This was Christmas at my parents house. 

Genuine happy face. She is modeling the new necklace my dad got her. 

Sleeping bag face (Christmas at the ranch). 

Modeling her new backpack. Doesn't she look like she belongs in a Pottery Barn Kids magazine? 

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