Thursday, January 10, 2013

lego mania

We love legos around our house. Well, Terry and the kids do. I never was ever really into them. 

It took Terry and Noah most of the day after all the Christmas festivities were done to complete his new Millennium Falcon. I think this is Noah's attempt at a wink...

How cool is this thing? He has to keep it up high so Destroyer Baby doesn't get to it. But despite that, he tries to take it about everywhere with him.

Evie's girl lego house took significantly less time than the Falcon, but it's was still pretty intense. She didn't offer any help, but instead played with the little girls and the kitty that came with it. You can see Noah doing the same, though he might have been attacking her with a Star Wars lego person of some sort.

How cute is that? My favorite part though? Darth Vador with his light saber up. 

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  1. That house is awesome!! Our fam would love both, though.