Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So...I've been potty training Samuel.

He's not even officially two yet but a few things moved me past my natural lazy impulses: One morning a few weeks ago Samuel woke up dry, he had been kicking me in the baby belly every time I'd change his diaper and his 2-day-younger cousin Grace is like completely trained already. I started as a kind of experiment and am committed to it now.

I think people think I'm a little crazy, but I am motivated since we have #4 coming in just a few months and he'll be a boy. Boys are harder to train. Evie, at 2 and few months was so much easier. Noah, at 3 and a half or so, was difficult. So perhaps this will all backfire on me and I'll regret it, but I hope not. I hope this makes the transition easier.

And, by the way, Samuel is doing pretty well. He knows what he's supposed to do and does it every hour when I take him. #2 is another story. Well, Rome wasn't built in a day and potty training takes months as far as I'm concerned. So I think he's doing rather well. And I'm getting a workout running up and down the stairs.

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