Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Terry taught Noah how to play chess a while ago - I can't even remember when. Noah really enjoys it and that's great for me because then I don't have to learn how to play in order make Terry happy. He's content to play with Noah. 
This morning: Daddy lets Evie move his pieces so she feels involved.
Back in November I found a local elementary school, Grandview, that had a chess club for third to fifth graders and contacted the coach about letting Noah play. He's only first grade but he's nearly eight and he already knows the rules so I thought he'd be fine. And he has been - Daddy goes with him since the school is just down the road from the church so it's been great. 

Chess club has even evolved into more. The coach asked Terry to take over for him in this new year and Terry agreed. He even takes along a youth group student to help him out. He typed up his lesson for their first meeting last week and everything. :)

Poor Noah is a sore loser though. He lost this morning and needed some comforting. So, you can see how this is a very good experience for him. He's developing good sportsmanship, how to control his emotions, socialization and even smarty-pants intellect (because everyone knows chess players are brilliant :D ).

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