Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Christmas

We had been very excited about celebrating our first Christmas in our new house to sort of break it in. It was a great time. Noah and Evie had new stockings crocheted by Gramma K. Terry and I both got up before the kids and had everything ready. Terry even started a fire but ended up filling the room with smoke because of a downdraft! There's nothing like opening windows in December. ;)

Once the kids were up at 8, they headed straight for their stockings and brought them upstairs to examine them. Evie is showing off the new big(ish) girl necklace she got. Noah and Samuel still look sleepy.

The night before I made our traditional Raspberry Coffee Cake breakfast so all I had to do was throw it in the oven. I love this breakfast. The kids are still coming around to it. Because they're crazy. Also, this photo was reassuring for me. I was 17.5 weeks pregnant at the time and already feeling huge. I didn't look as big as I felt/feel, but still bigger than my other pregnancies. Perhaps that's just how it goes after being stretched three times.

After breakfast Terry read the Christmas story from Luke 2. The kids were all pretty attentive except for Samuel.  

One of Samuel's first gifts was monster trucks. Terry's in the back opening up the kid's gift of clothes.

Evie got Disney princesses. Merida is her favorite but for the life of her, she can't remember the name and calls her "Brave." 

Noah loves him some Lego's. And what could be better than a 1,254 Millennium Falcon set?! He's even two years too young for it. It took most of a day for he and daddy to put it together.

Daddy liked the new Bible I picked out for him. His old EVS study bible was held together by duct tape. 

One thing Terry learned from his childhood was to not leave out the younger siblings and always get them similar gifts. So Evie got a sweet girl Lego house. She likes playing Star Wars with it!

Noah also really loved his Transformer Bumblebee (and his Angry Birds stocking hat that he has been wearing all the time). 

I thought this cute little box was jewelry (i even omitted my normal necklace when i dressed that morning because i was so sure it was a new one). How surprised I was to received an Ipod Nano from Terry! It's got Nike+ on it to keep track of my walks (with a pedometer) and runs. I really like it! 

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