Wednesday, January 23, 2013

dungeon playing

The flying turtle play area known as the dungeon has a limited number of days left. How many, I'm not sure. But progress is being made since the garage storage area is complete and now houses all of our  storage stuff. So, this I know, the dungeon will be converted to a bona fide family room soon. Soon-ish.

In the meantime, the kids can still have fun on their flying turtles down there instead of waiting for spring. Noah likes to experiment.

Samuel likes to imitate Noah's experimenting. And by the way, Samuel is too cute rolling around on that thing. Seriously.

And Evie likes to dance... ("Don't you bite your lip!"). But she can still do that once the dungeon is converted.
 And check out that intense train track! They got more Thomas stuff for Christmas thanks to an awesome garage sale we visited last summer.

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