Monday, January 14, 2013

ranch sledding

What's this handsome dude doing all bundled up in the snow on a 4-wheeler, you might ask? 

Taking these punks for a sledding adventure ranch prairie style! The very first time I hung out with Terry before we'd even considered dating, this is what we did. Awww, good memories

And aren't Noah and Evie so cute? Evie has no idea what's in store for her.

The weekend after Christmas we headed back out to the ranch for some sledding. The temperature had warmed up enough to make the snow better for sliding - it was too fluffy before, not to mention it was way too cold out. So here Terry is taking the kids around these few trees in a field and they're having a grand time.

He must have took the corner a little too sharp and didn't even realize he had dumped the kids. 

Noah was immediately up running to daddy to tell him how fun that was. Evie, however, just stood there crying as if to say "How...(howl)...could this... (more howling)...have happened...(more loud howling)?!!!!!"

She got over it.

But when we got back to the house, she was so done. So daddy took Noah out by himself.

He liked getting dumped. Hopefully Evie will come to realize that it's the best part. 

And I just really liked this shot with the huge trees in the background. Eagles hang out in those trees! I totally saw one.

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  1. HA! Evie sounds exactly like Ella! Looks like a lot of fun!