Thursday, January 3, 2013

the many faces of Samuel

Samuel really doesn't have too many "faces" in his repertoire yet. I'm not worried about it since his sister and brother show great promise and he is imitating them (especially Evie) a lot these days, which is so cute. Though he can definitely be a challenge during the day. But I guess he does get me a workout with the number of times I have to carry him upstairs to his crib for discipline and time out. But I still wanna kiss him all the time! He is my squiggliest child. Look at that face! I love my little face boy!

 This face reminds me of his dad. His eyes are more squinted then normal because of the flash, but that's what makes him look like his daddy if you ask me. Terry has been told he has Asian eyes by several people.

His zone out face. Zombie! Or perhaps his dad flashed him one too many times with the camera.

This is a face we see all the time: Concentration. It's usually not directed at a person, but at his toys. Here he was examining his stocking stuffer balls very seriously. "Ball" is a favorite word of his. Actually, it's one of the few words he can say. Verbalization isn't his forte at this point. He still specializes in destruction. Just ask Noah, whose Lego Millennium Falcon Samuel and his partner in crime, cousin Baby Grace, tried their darnedest to dismantle this morning. Or ask daddy whose hard work on Noah's new marble track he nearly demolished in seconds yesterday, thus causing daddy to be very frustrated. Come to think of it, daddy looked a lot like Samuel in this photo!

But then he pulls out a smile like this! Gah! 

And he has more cute looks up his sleeve. 

Impatience. If he could talk, he's invariably be telling me to hurry up with those scissors so his new monster trucks would be available for him to get his hands on. I guess he figures he doesn't need to talk. Look how his mommy can read his facial expressions.

Polite surprise? Polite impatience for daddy to hurry up and open his new little people helicopter? Or just plain cuteness?

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