Thursday, December 20, 2012

the many faces of Noah

Oh, my firstborn. He can be bouncing off the walls wacky and silly and then turn around be so darn serious. Do not joke with him ("Noah, we are just kidding. Noah, your sister can pretend to be a cat. We know she's a human and not actually a cat."). 

Here is the typical "smile" we have been getting out of him lately. A very canned Cheese. I can hear him saying it. Eeeeeeeeeee...Are you done yet?

Mischievous, rascally, playful?


"I love you man!"

Now here's a genuine smile. He looks like his mama with those cheekbones.

Channeling his father.  Or perhaps casting a spell (his wand is hidden behind his head)? He's been doing this face a lot. It reminds me of the silly faces I see students posting of themselves on facebook. Or perhaps he's practicing for photo bombs.

Even more so, his father is coming out in spades right here. Manic!

Glad to see he's reigned himself in now.

And this is what Snap is like when the kids are around. "Please, God, protect me. Or take me."


  1. Noah is adorable. And those are some beautiful eyes!

  2. I love all of his expressions! He has many moments that remind me of Terry when he was little! Actually, there was one time when he was playing with Grace that gave me dejavu of a time when Terry & I were playing together as kiddos. : )