Tuesday, December 4, 2012

hooks and books

The same day that we did our Christmas tree, we got a couple other projects crossed off my Honey-Do list. The first were these home made hooks at the front door. There are seven behind the door and then another three adjacent to those. They are all screwed securely in to the 1x6 that I painted to match the kitchen. And would you believe that all the hooks are filled up with coats now? How I loathe using hangers in a closet. And, AS IF kids could do that. Plus, now it'll be easy when we have another youth group party for the peeps to hang up their coats. 

We also brought up our bookshelves that had been simply collecting dust in the dungeon while the books were still packed away in boxes (three months after we moved in). They're in our bedroom now and they will stay there. I really like the whole set up. And it's good to have them away from Destroyer Baby.

And here's our next project. The dungeon! Poor Terry is not so much looking forward to it I think. And the kids don't wanna give up their flying turtle habitat. But I don't care. I'd like to be able to hang out down there without freezing my nose whilst under a down blanket. Muhaha!

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