Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas piano recital

The olders, Noah and Evie, are in the midst of their second year of piano lessons. It's going well; they've improved so much. I just don't understand how they can get both hands to do something different at the same time! Its bound to be good for their brains.

Last year they did a Christmas time recital but I couldn't go for some reason. I think... This year was no problem. Their teacher Kathy had them perform at an assisted living center near the church. 

Evie was one of the first to perform.

She did great. 

Noah went nearly last.  

Look at that concentration. He just attacks the piano; a little too loud but lots of feeling. 

And a bow to finish. 

The flyer announcing the kids' performance had mistakenly described them as a singing group. They didn't have anything like that prepared, but not wanting to disappoint they sang an impromptu song, Hark the Herald Angels Sing. 

My view of the song from the side.  

I was over there because I had to keep an eye on Samuel who was testing the bird cage by opening its doors.  

The crowd. 

I just couldn't get Abigail to smile, but everyone else was happy.  

The kids passed around some cookies, helped themselves, and then joined Samuel at the birdcage. Good job kids!

Monday, December 28, 2015

driveway racing

In early December we had some nice weather and I had Noah take Snap for a one mile run while the other kids and I walked. When we got home they all played out front for a bit. We have three flying turtles and one plasma car. Just enough for our kids.

Get ready. Get set.


Noah wins of course.  

littles at war and play

It can be the best of times for Samuel and Ezra or the worst of times. Either way, emotions run high. I'm hopeful it'll all work out in the end, but in the meantime, they can fight quite a bit. Think flying fists and yelling. Or they will play like best friends. Ezra doesn't know what to do with himself when Samuel's not around. Here they are dressed up together.

After they dressed up the two of them went outside to play. Good little mower Ezra.

The kids like to roll down this little hill in the back corner of our yard. 

Uh oh. War time. Ezra wants a turn and Samuel doesn't want to share. Ezra looks back at me for support

Samuel shakes him off and Ezra cries crocodile tears. While I take pictures. 

I told Samuel to give Ezra a turn and he did his best to pull him up the hill.  

Until he fell over... 

He picked him up though! I love Ezra's little boots sticking out.

Up he gets.

Good boy Samuel! 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

that pinstriped seersucker suit...

For the kids' Christmas program I dressed Ezra in a blue pinstriped seersucker suit. I bought it for Noah on sale at Target back in the day and now all of the boys have worn it. Noah was a bit big for it so he couldn't wear the pants. Samuel wore it for Christmas two years ago and now it was Ezra's turn. Hand me downs are great!

That Sunday was pizza movie night and when I came upstairs to make the pizza, the sky was amazingly pink. I thought I'd take a photo of Ezra in front of it. 


"I have a zebra car and I like it." 


It was just gorgeous.

But I shouldn't have given Ezra a warm cookie while he was still in his suit that night. Mistake! Thankfully I got all the chocolate out, but it's not like I have any more little boys to wear it. Awww :( 

2015 Children's Christmas program

On December 6, the kids had their church Christmas program. They worked so very hard on it and couldn't wait to perform. We all dressed up and had Jazmin take our photo before Sunday school began.

Ezra's two year old class went first. My favorite part was when Ezra put the manger on the flannel board upside down like he was totally sure that's how it was supposed to go. He just slammed it decisively down. His teacher told me he consistently did that when they practiced so perhaps he really did think it went like that. 

The little girl that went after him had to turn it right side up to put baby Jesus in the manger. We can't have baby Jesus falling out of the manger.

Ezra sat with us when he was done. Usually he's in the nursery so this was a test to see how he'd do.  

He started fussing right away. The candy cane kept him happy for about five minutes and then he had to go to the nursery. Maybe next year dude. 

Cute little Sah-muel.

He's got amazing eyelashes. 

Evie was the most excited; she'd practiced for us at home. She was totally depressed when it was over. I guess she loves to perform! Perhaps she needs to be in dance class or something next year...

Noah was Joseph in the play. He didn't have any lines but apparently he knew them all since he was gesturing to people when they forgot. Ha! 

surf sledding

I just thought this was cool. 

Though perhaps Noah was the first to come up with it...

the many faces of Evie II

We got out our old camera last week in order to video the kids' Christmas program and discovered these photos gems that Noah took back in September. He photographed all the kids playing on the trampoline, but especially Evie. She's everyone's favorite because she's so fun to play with! His pictures of her reminded me of a post I did several years ago detailing Evie's many silly faces. She's not changed much, except she's even more expressive, and bigger :( So so silly. And so sad. Stop growing!

It's hard to see, but I couldn't leave it out. Trampolines are so much fun, especially when you're being photographed.

She's so fierce.

"OH. MY. GOSH." 
If there's one sound that defines Evie, it's her sharp intake of breath indicating surprise. She does it all the stinking time and this is what it looks like.

She's king of the Samuel! Poor kid. Doesn't look like he minds much.

That hair. And she wonders why I make her brush her hair several times a day (she has to do it every time she uses the restroom). If you haven't heard of The Wet Brush, it's a life saver. 

She's not impressed. 
Also, this wild hair reminded me of when she was a wee little toddler playing on the tramp with daddy and Steph took her crazy haired picture.  

Nice teeth. She's since lost that straggly front tooth and they're both very slowly coming in.  

Stinky brothers. 

"Mine is the evil laugh!"