Saturday, December 26, 2015

that pinstriped seersucker suit...

For the kids' Christmas program I dressed Ezra in a blue pinstriped seersucker suit. I bought it for Noah on sale at Target back in the day and now all of the boys have worn it. Noah was a bit big for it so he couldn't wear the pants. Samuel wore it for Christmas two years ago and now it was Ezra's turn. Hand me downs are great!

That Sunday was pizza movie night and when I came upstairs to make the pizza, the sky was amazingly pink. I thought I'd take a photo of Ezra in front of it. 


"I have a zebra car and I like it." 


It was just gorgeous.

But I shouldn't have given Ezra a warm cookie while he was still in his suit that night. Mistake! Thankfully I got all the chocolate out, but it's not like I have any more little boys to wear it. Awww :( 

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