Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dino hill with Ernesto

After we had rested up from the Fall Retreat, we took Ernesto around Rapid a little bit, particularly Dinosaur Park. Here's another photo of the back of Terry and Ernesto. Sigh.

We hadn't been up here since 2012 when Samuel was Ezra's size.

What a friendly dinosaur.

This is on the other side of that dinosaur.

On up the hill to the perfect family picture stegosaurus.

Evie Triceratops.

Ezra Triceratops.

Noah Triceratops.

Samuel Triceratops? Nope.

It was Ezra's first time up here and he just kept yelling out, "Saur! saur!" 

Heading down again to search for a geocache. 

Found it! 

We were still quite tired that day so we were hanging out in the basement playing games. When I emerged from the dungeon cave to prepare the pizza, I was surprised by how beautiful the sunset was. Beautiful. 

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