Tuesday, December 22, 2015

final Watiki visits

For the last two years Terry's folks have given us family passes to Watiki waterpark for Christmas. But this year we'll probably take a break, thus, the title. Here are some photos from our last two visits. 

The weekend before Thanksgiving we made our first trip since summer. And... I'm not even sure what to say about this photo...

Is that Samuel or Ezra?

For the first few visits to Watiki the kids were afraid of the huge bucket overturning it's water on the kid area, but now Noah and Evie (and even Samuel today) like it. There's Noah in the water. 

My chiropractor knew that we often visited Watiki and at my last appointment he gave me a free pass. Very sweet of him. We brought cousin Grace with us.  

We made sure she didn't drown :) 

I don't know what it is, but the kids always do a lot of playing with their tongues and sucking on their hands at Watiki. Ew. 

This cracks me up. Ha ha! Noah.

Grace face! 

I ran into the restaurant/bar area and took a photo of all four of the kids in the slide that goes through there. Dripping, cold and awkward but worth it. 

The rest of the photos are from our visit today during Christmas vacation. We wish their hours began earlier during the week (4pm) because we would go more often. Terry's day off is Friday and by the time 4pm rolls around, we're already worn out or busy with something else. During this break and summer they open at 8 or 9am. 

Samuel made some serious headway today. Not long after we had been there, he, Noah, and Evie spent a long time in the kids area. Samuel used to be very afraid of being up there, especially alone. Today he spent like an hour of time sliding all by himself. Score!

After I took Evie down the big slides three times, I was exhausted (we worked out this morning so my legs were done). Next Terry took Ezra and Noah down the big slides two times. He said Ezra was fine with it until they went to get in the tube but when they came out he yelled, "I did it!" He did the same thing the second time and then freaked out when he saw me. He cried for a while. How cool do they look though?! 

Rowing to the edge. 

Terry took Noah and Evie up the slides a few more times while Ezra recovered with me and Samuel slid by himself. 

We even had lunch there today, which was a rare treat. Terry took the littles while I did nothing. 

Just floating along the lazy river. 

And they keep going... 

...and going. 

We crashed big time when we got home. I can't wait to go to bed tonight. 

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