Wednesday, December 2, 2015

fall retreat 2015

November 6, 7, and 8, 2015 was our annual Fall Retreat. This was the first year that I was able to attend (last year Nathan was there and hilarious pictures ensued, and afterwards Ana went into labor)! Every other year the kids were too little or I had a baby (even in 2010 when Terry was the speaker while we were still living in Gburg).

Here is my small group of girls.

Terry and his Bam Jam book of bam jam ideas.

Every year there's a speaker of some kind. The last several retreats Terry has split the speaking between himself and other leaders. For this year's speaker, he flew out his old friend and Moody room mate, Ernesto. Unfortunately, this is the only picture of the two of them together that I took. Whoops. Some fall retreat photographer I am. I didn't get a shot of Terry and I together either.

Jazmin and David getting things prepared for the first session Friday evening. 

We are not the only group up there - a group from Gillette, WY and Hot Springs attend as well. Over 100 kids.

The following morning with Lana, Sydney and Kayla.

Ernesto's table was always a popular one.

Youth band singers Sydney and Allison.

Bailey the keyboardist.

Caleb and Jazmin.

And Ernesto!

My girls and I during small group time.

Saturday morning after the session there's always a large field game. I usually come up around this time with the kids to visit. We played a variation on Barbarians. I just thought this photo of David tossing the scarves was funny.

David, Zeb and Ernesto figuring out their scarves ;)

Ernesto was accidentally elbowed behind his ear during the game. Poor guy got a killer headache.

Crazy eyed Terry playing 9 Square in the Air.

Some girls got their revenge on Zeb for taking their breakfast table and chairs by taking his mattress and clothes out of his cabin and putting them in front of the dining hall. 

Apparently Zach and David were discussing making wooden folding chairs but I thought they were comparing their manicures ;)

When I laughed at the shot I got with their hands, they took a serious picture. Working their smolder.

Someone told Zeb he was needed, thinking he'd discover his bed and clothes, but we threw him off the scent. When he ran back down to the field, he didn't even see his stuff. He he he.

Sunday morning before departing Steven always leads the kids in a game of Ship to Shore. 

One last session. Ernesto did fantastic and the kids just loved him. Bam jam!

Here's the whole group, except me :)

And the video:

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