Sunday, January 25, 2015

forgotten Fall Retreat pics

I had forgotten about these gems when I quickly posted about last year's Fall Retreat on my Halloween post. And as you can see, that was a huge mistake. Literally huge. Now, these guys are funny from the front, but wait until you see the profile view...
balloon filled David, Steven and my brother Nathan

... I about died laughing and woke up the sleeping kids when Terry showed me these the night he returned from the retreat. Steven is the best. 

Steve must do lots of squats. 

Looking a little lumpy David. Ease up on the protein shakes.

Terry said, "Never skip leg day." HA! Fun fact: Later this night Ana went into labor!

Steven appears to be a turtle stuck on its back. Nathan's balloon muscles were not strong enough to fend off a pen's wrath, and sadly, he lost every one of them.

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